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I know you're feeling stuck and unhappy. Like, you're forever trapped in the same place with no way to get out. Your everyday life has become this horrible cycle that you're dying to break free from but you don't know how. I’ve been there.

The Leading Edge Advocate is about helping you get to the next level, the leading edge! To get you unstuck and living life, breaking that cycle.

You once had a vision of how you wanted your life to be, the Leading Edge Advocate is here to show you how to get going and make that vision a reality.

You can live a happy and successful life. This site advocates just that.

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6 Surprising Reasons Why You Need To Be Stressed

I know it sounds absurd. Why would you need to be stressed? Especially when you’re looking for ways to eliminate it from your life. But the fact of the matter is you can’t. There’s no way to completely rid your life of stress. Some way, somehow it will always find

put your past behind you

6 Remarkable Strategies To Put Your Past Behind You

You know that horrible feeling. It happens right after you get smacked in the face with disappointment of colossal proportions. It leaves you standing there dazed and confused, trying to make sense of what just happened to you. You review the situation over and over in your mind. You finally

comparing yourself to others

What You Don’t Realize When You’re Comparing Yourself to Others

A picture is worth a thousand words, so when you look at one you may think that you’ve got every possible story. But you could be way off the mark. When you scroll through Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat you get a glimpse in the lives of others through an array

holding you back

How to Figure Out If Your Routine is Holding You Back

Yup, I know it sounds crazy. But yes, something as simple as your routine could be holding you back. The one thing that you wouldn’t think to look at, being right under your nose, is keeping you stuck. You might even think that your routine should be helping you

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