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I know you're feeling stuck and unhappy. Like, you're forever trapped in the same place with no way to get out. Your everyday life has become this horrible cycle that you're dying to break free from but you don't know how. I’ve been there.

The Leading Edge Advocate is about helping you get to the next level, the leading edge! To get you unstuck and living life, breaking that cycle.

You once had a vision of how you wanted your life to be, the Leading Edge Advocate is here to show you how to get going and make that vision a reality.

You can live a happy and successful life. This site advocates just that.

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Stop Being Lazy! Simple Ways to Get In the Groove

You wake up earlier than you normally would nearly every day for your job. You may not be thrilled about it, but none the less you make it happen. No excuses you’re up and out of the door just in time to make it in to work. After a full

What You Need to Do to Get Unstuck and be Successful

I know you’re sick of it. You’ve been in the same place forever. You know it’s time to move on but you can’t seem to figure out how to really get things going. Nothing seems to work.          You feel defeated every day. You’re at the point where you’re questioning your

Being Alone: 7 Benefits That Will Make It Worthwhile

The work day isn’t even half done and you’re already looking something to do after you clock out. You’ve barely been home long enough to change your clothes before you’re on the phone with a friend trying to figure out what you guys are going to do for the evening.

6 Surprising Reasons Why You Need To Be Stressed

I know it sounds absurd. Why would you need to be stressed? Especially when you’re looking for ways to eliminate it from your life. But the fact of the matter is you can’t. There’s no way to completely rid your life of stress. Some way, somehow it will always find

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