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The Leading Edge Advocate is about helping you get to the next level, the leading edge. Most people just allow life to happen. They don’t take control and use their power to life their best life. As a result, live overly complicated, unhappy lives.

Few people have the knowledge, tools and determination to consciously place themselves where they would like to be. Those who do are on the leading edge, the forefront of their well being. This site advocates just that. We want to help you live a simple, happy, enjoyable life.

Check out the blog for tips on honing your skills for goal achievement to create the life you imagined. Don’t forget to take the online course Redesign Your Life (a value of $98) completely fee! This mind-blowing course will show you how to reconnect with your desires and create the steps to making them a reality… So don’t waste another minute, do it now!

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how to be productive

How to Be More Productive With Less Effort

How many times have you wished you had a clone? Honestly, I feel like this a lot of the time. There’ll be times when I have a list of fairly simple things to do over the weekend and somehow they don’t get accomplished. Then come Monday morning I’m trying to

coping with anxiety

5 Steps to End Anxiety

When anxiety strikes it can take over. It can easily prevent you from being able to focus on anything else. If you're anxious about a future event or even something that is happening currently but elsewhere, you'll find that you cannot do anything else. You may set yourself up to

Personal Development

life goals

From Talking to Doing: How to Get Started on Your Life Goals

Are you getting anywhere with your goals? You know why right? It’s because all you do is talk about the life you want to live. You haven’t taken any action to make it happen. This reminds me of my friend’s situation. He wanted to buy a house. That was

tough times

7 Ways That Are Sure to Get You Through Tough Times

Aren’t you sick of tough times? Every time something comes up you just want to throw in the towel. It even has you reconsidering your plans and goals. That’s what happened when my mom got sick. Just a few weeks before I got the phone call that she experiencing

make life easier

6 Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier Than Ever

Don’t you wish your life was easier? Every time I would sit down on my couch to work from home, I just couldn’t get started. It was definitely something I needed to do. If I didn’t, it would mean more work later on. For some reason it was so hard

Personal Finance

lending family members money

Smart Tips for Lending Family Members Money

We live in tough economic times. Chances are you'll have family members and relatives asking if you could loan them money. As winter strikes loved ones may find it hard to stay warm and within their budgets. While you might stay cozy under the covers or snatch up the last electric

Financial Stress

Eliminate Financial Stress For Good

In this day and age financial stress probably counts for at least half of most people’s anxiety. It seems like there’s more money going out then coming in. At the height of my financial anxiety I couldn’t stand to pay my bills. I procrastinated all the time, the payments got

life insurance

Are You Covered? 5 Crucial Insurance Policies You Should Have

Your financial plan must lay out how you are going to protect your assets, which include your possessions, income, financial issues relating to your health, and yes, even your loved ones. No one really gets excited about insurance, and it's usually expensive and boring. But it's one of those things

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