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I know you're feeling stuck and unhappy. Like, you're forever trapped in the same place with no way to get out. Your everyday life has become this horrible cycle that you're dying to break free from but you don't know how. I’ve been there.

The Leading Edge Advocate is about helping you get to the next level, the leading edge! To get you unstuck and living life, breaking that cycle.

You once had a vision of how you wanted your life to be, the Leading Edge Advocate is here to show you how to get going and make that vision a reality.

You can live a happy and successful life. This site advocates just that.

Check out the Blog for tips on getting unstuck and making progress to create the life you imagined.

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5 Steps to Create a Happy and Successful Life on Your Terms

You’re doing everything you’re supposed to be doing right? But somehow it just doesn’t feel right. You’re moving along on the path that you think you should follow. After all you’re not alone. Your friends are doing the same thing and your family has done it. This is the way

Who’s Life Are You Living?

When I was a kid one of my favorite TV shows was The Cosby Show, I never got sick of watching it. I loved Cliff and Clair Huxtable, they seemed to have it all together and that's what I wanted. Based on watching the show I wanted to be either

10 Startling Reasons You’re Still Not Happy

Yeah, can you believe it? After all this time you’re still not happy. I know you’re wondering what’s wrong. They all say in order to be happy you have to be positive. A negative outlook doesn’t lead a positive life. So you slap on a happy face. You put on

9 Things You Can Do Anytime to Relieve Stress Quickly

You know the feeling of stress. Suddenly you can’t think straight, your mind is racing. Your heart seems like it’s about to beat out of your chest. The room instantly becomes a thousand degrees hotter and your palms and forehead are already sweating. Now you’re entering panic mode. You don’t

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