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5 Excuses That Are Keeping You from Being Successful

excuses keeping you from being successful

Deep down you have this little thing inside of you telling you to go for it. Telling you that you can do it.

Making you feel like you can move forward.

But for some reason whenever you do take a step you don’t get very far.

It’s almost like experiencing a crash after a sugar rush. You’re all hopped up and ready to go and then boom! You crash, almost in an instant.

Every time you think about moving forward just a tiny bit you feel capable but then if you think about it for too long your thoughts do a 180.

It’s like a devil and an angel are fighting on your shoulders. But the devil always gets the best of you.

So you do nothing. And go nowhere.

Sometimes you’re up then you’re down. It makes you wonder what the hell is happening.

How can your feelings be so mixed about something that you want, something that would be great for you? Who looks at their dreams like that?

You probably think that you’re evaluating them to determine if they’re even worth it. I know you don’t want to waste your time on something that wouldn’t pan out from the start.

But are you really evaluating them or make excuses not to take action on them?

It sounds crazy right, who would make excuses when it comes to carrying out their dream?

People who are scared by them, that’s who.

If your dreams are big and life changing, like many are, they probably scare you. And you don’t even notice because you’re making excuses not to do them.

But the excuses come from your fear.

As long as you tell yourself that it’s not possible you don’t have to experience anymore crazy feelings. Things can continue on just as you know them to be.

It makes you feel somewhat comfy but you’re never going to be successful doing, only stagnant.

Believing that you cannot take action towards your dreams is poison to your success.

Thinking like you can’t do something is like having a flat tire. You won’t get anywhere until you fix it.

In order to even start on the road to success you have to completely believe you can be successful, that you can do it.

Excuses Are Excuses, That's It

By now you’ve convinced yourself that these ‘reasons’ you can’t pursue your dreams are valid. I’m sure they sound every good and make some kind of sense, but that’s only one side of the coin.

The fact of the matter is these are excuses, fabricated reasons not to do anything. Things that you made up to sound good when you wonder why you are where you are and why you never made that dream happen.

You have to realize that they are excuses that were completely made up. They’re obstacles that you put in front of yourself, obstacles that you can knock down.

Letting go of these frivolous thoughts will allow you to take a step forward and be the success you know deep down that you can be.

Just stop telling yourself that…

1. You don’t have time

Isn’t it funny how we all have the same amount of time to work with each day, but yet some people are able to get so much more done. It kind of makes you think, like what’s their secret?

Well, here it is… there isn’t a secret. They just know that time is limited and they have to make the most with what they have.

They cut out things that aren’t productive and replace them with the things they need to do. And you need to do the same.

You may feel like your day is jam packed with a bajillion things all the time but you have to really look at what you’re doing. Is it anything at all?

And no, watching re-runs on TV doesn’t count as doing something. Sorry Charlie…

Cut of the nonproductive aspects of your day and focus on doing things that will actually get you somewhere. Trust me, you’ll be blown away with what you can accomplish.

2. You’re not educated enough

Sure having a comprehensive education can help but it isn’t absolutely necessary to be successful.

In fact, many of the world’s most successful people didn’t even finish their schooling. Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of good colleges to start companies whose applications are used by millions of people.

Even Steve Jobs and Tom Hanks decided to push the books to the side to pursue their dreams.

Look at how successful they all are. They had enough confidence in their abilities to accomplish their goals despite not having the education everyone told them they needed.

You can have a wall full of diplomas but that doesn’t mean anything if you aren’t truly committed and confident.

Besides, even Warren Buffett has said that higher education isn’t for everyone.

Don’t allow yourself to believe that another degree is required to be successful. Short of being a lawyer, doctor or an engineer you can make it without one.

3. You need more money

You think you need more money? Couldn’t we all use a few extra dollars?

Many of the people I mentioned previously didn’t have a lot of money when they started chasing their dreams.

A lot of wealthy people are self-made, some even homeless prior to making their riches. Yet they were able to come out of the trenches and rise to the top.

While having cash on hand can ease the process, lack of it doesn’t make it impossible.

Lack of money shouldn’t keep you from making progress. And if it’s very necessary for at least one aspect of your goals then figure out a way to make a little more. Don’t just give up because you don’t have it now.

Money is everywhere and there are many opportunities to make more of it.

4. You’re too old

I know you’re no spring chicken, but you’re not a dead duck either.

You might think that your age is working against you when it comes to starting anew or achieving more, but it’s not.

The truth is your age can work in your favor. With age comes wisdom and you can use that wisdom to your advantage when going after new things.

Many others are able to reached greater heights in the later parts of life, so don’t doubt your abilities.

Getting older doesn’t limit your opportunities. If anything it should make them more versatile.

While you’ve had many experiences, you can have many more. This isn’t the end of the book of your life. It’s more like a new chapter.

5. You don’t know where to begin

You’re not alone.

Do you really think that every successful person was given a step by step guide book? They weren’t, they just begun.

If you’re really confused about what to do first research it. We currently live in the perfect era to learn about just about anything, anywhere.

There’s loads of information at your fingertips. Look up a few things then base your next course of action on what you’ve just learned.

You may not start in the place you thought you would but the important thing is starting. You can always learn more of what you need as you go.

Starting somewhere is better than starting nowhere.

No More Excuses

I know those old excuses sound good and are quite believable but they’re all bologna.

There are a bunch of examples of people who have turned themselves into massive success stories who have started with much less than you.

If you continue to feed yourself this bologna you’re never going to get much farther than where you are right now.

You deserve more, you deserve to live your dreams and be successful. You can do it, you just have to believe that.

You can do it that’s why that little thing inside you keeps speaking out. It’s reminding you of what you are to become.

Listen to it. Act on it.

Prove that they are just excuses.


Tell me…

What makes you feel like success would be impossible?




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  • Hey Lea,

    Great motivating post. I felt like you walking to people and I’m standing behind you, saying yeah, shes talking the truth.

    Start where you are, forget the what, ifs and buts. There is no room for that when starting out. Forget not having the money. If you can get around the big stuff you become resourceful. I won’t buy photoshop but I go to the State Library when I need it, because there is no excuse. That package is only a bus ride away.

    Anything I can’t have now, I plan for. Because I am over seeing those TV reruns. I have to cancel out the too old issue. Never have I really had that issue, in fact at 45 I feel still have a whole heap of energy that must be spent throughout the day if I am not to drive myself and everyone around me mental.

    As I said great motivating post. Thank you.


    • Lea

      Hey Rachel,

      Exactly, having a work around like that is great. You still have access to what you may need every now and then without putting yourself out financial, or stopping your progress because you don’t have it.

      That’s great to have such energy, especially when you’re able to put it towards your goals.

      Thanks Rachel, I appreciate it.


  • I love your line “… not a spring chicken, but not a dead duck either.” Perfect! I must admit that for a big chunk of my life I struggled with self-worth issues. I used to point to various things that occurred as a kid, but what changed that was attending a group therapy session. I sat there listening to adults – most older than me by several years – blaming the problems and failures in their lives on things that had happened to them decades earlier and I thought enough already! So I didn’t have control then, but what happens from this day forward is up to me. And that was a major turning point in my life. Great article and advice Lea.

    • Lea

      Ha ha, glad you enjoyed that.

      That reminds me of what I instantly think of when people used to brag about how popular they were in high school. I always think to myself that was x number of years ago. How can you define by that?

      Exactly, you can steer the direction of your life. It’s all up to you!

      Thanks for sharing your experience, much appreciated.


  • Hi Lea,

    These are the most common excuses that people have to stunt success and I’m sure glad you wrote about them.

    For me, I used to be stuck years ago by “I’m not educated enough” and that was not a good feeling because I was walking around feeling stuck and inhibited. But once I realized that so many self made successful people were out there with hardly any education, it awakened me.

    It took a while to retrain my brain, but it felt so great to get out of that mindset and move forward. That is when I started my first business. It was many years ago. And I can keep going forward because I’m never too old to learn new tricks!


    • Lea

      Hi Donna,

      It’s really amazing what you can do with what you already have. Furthering your education is helpful but isn’t always a requirement. The great thing about doing is that you learn along the way. And a lot of the time you learn more than any textbook could ever teach you.

      I’m glad you realized how awesome you already are and your potential to achieve more. I mean look at you now, another shining example.

      Great attitude Donna!! Even though changing your mindset was hard I’m sure it was well worth it.


  • Mark Newsome

    Wow Lea!

    What an and incredibly accurate post! Unfortunately!LOL!

    I love all five situations you’ve described, but I really
    love your thought about, excuses being like flat tires,
    you won’t get anywhere until you fix it!LOL!

    That’s too awesome and so true!LOl!

    I couldn’t help but nod my head in complete agreement,
    as I read your excellent post!

    You so nailed it, as usual!

    • Lea

      Ha ha! Well, ya know Mark, I speak from experience lol. Unfortunately I know a thing or two about it.

      It’s true though lol. If your head isn’t in the game you can’t win.

      Thanks again Mark, you’re far too kind.


  • Hi Lea.

    Back again at your wonderful blog.

    Rightly said, deep down within

    Things tell me – Yes, you can do it!

    But then things go wrong

    And that voice starts calling…

    U failed…again!

    And then all of life

    Seems to stop

    And I don’t want to do anything

    Leading to depression.

    This has got worse…

    Since we started our blog.

    Thanks for sharing these AWESOME tips

    They will help a lot.

    Enjoy your week.


    • Lea

      Hi Vee,

      Thanks, glad to have you back 🙂

      Yup, that’s how it goes sometimes. Just the slightest thing can have you questioning yourself.

      Glad to be of service. Best of luck, you can do it!!


      • Hi Lea.

        How are you?

        Thanks for dropping by at my blog.

        I was not able to approve the comment

        As people might think me negative.

        Hope you understand.

        Have a nice weekend.


      • Hi Lea.

        Edited your comment a bit

        And posted it on our blog.

        Hope that is ok with you.


  • Hi Lea,

    This so reminds me of a post I’ve JUST written for another website.

    Speaking from my own experience, I think the biggest culprit is self-doubt.
    It shows up in many forms. You’ve just listed 5 of them.

    I know all too well what self-doubt feels like. It’ll stop you in your tracks.
    The devil you mention (in my opinion) are those automated messages that play in our subconscious minds. We believe those recordings because we don’t observe them and therefore, we can’t dissect them.

    I’ve learned to observe those inner conversations and start questioning them.
    This has been a life changing exercise.

    • Lea

      Hi Dana,

      It sure will. It’s probably the biggest obstacle you’ll have to overcome.

      Great point. Because you’re not really pay attention to them you don’t hear what you say to yourself (for lack of a better term) so you don’t think to evaluate it. But regardless how much conscious attention you put on it, subconsciously it impacts you greatly.

      That’s a powerful thing to do. You always have to keep your inner rumblings in check. I bet it has! 🙂


  • Hi Lea,

    I can definitely relate to this because I’ve had my own ups and downs. My issue though was confidence so I did make plenty of excuses as to why I couldn’t move forward doing something.

    I have to tell ya girl, I fought with myself a LOT! But they are all just excuses and we all have to move through the fear or we’ll never get to where we want to be. They will all just be excuses and looking back I don’t think anyone ever wants that to be the reason they didn’t accomplish what they wanted to.

    As always, you’re always giving us great tips and suggestions as to how we can start learning, moving forward and getting through all those darn excuses we all love to make. Bravo Lea!


    • Lea

      Hi Adrienne,

      I know the feeling!! I’ve had an internal tug of war myself. Just the back and forth of telling myself I can, then convincing myself I couldn’t. It’s just exhausting thinking about it.

      No, you don’t. I don’t even think anyone would be able to admit to themselves that they were their own obstacles because it would be devastating.

      Thanks so much Adrienne! Reinforcement from you means a lot!!! 🙂


  • Stella Chiu

    Hi Lea

    I love the statement at the end of the post “No more excuses”.

    I have the feeling the people who have the five excuses are the people who are just standing still without taking even a tiny action. They may be the by-product of their internal fear- fear of success, fear of failure, fear of change, etc. Any way they can be overcame by stepping forward with a small step.

    Thanks for sharing!

    – Stella Chiu

    • Lea

      Hi Stella,


      Nope, they aren’t. Everytime they even think they can take a step the excuse knocks them back into the same place, without every really moving.

      I think discounting your fears gives you the courage to move forward. If you’re not mentally ready you won’t make a move.

      Thanks for the comment!