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7 Healthy Ways You Can Overcome Disappointment

Life is not perfect. Every now and then, we experience things that cause us to feel disappointment.

When you're facing emotional upsets, it's good to know how you can get over these and move on.


These 7 strategies can help you overcome disappointment in a healthy way:


1. Give yourself permission to feel bad – If you experience something troublesome, it perfectly normal to feel down or disappointed. It's a natural emotional response that you're entitled to have.

We're all allowed to feel disconcerted once in a while. While you shouldn't deliberate or dwell on it too long, it's good to reflect on whatever has upset you and what you feel.


2. Don't place too much importance on whatever caused you disappointment – Often, we react to an upsetting event by exaggerating its consequences.

For instance, if you didn't get promoted at work, you might end up thinking you won't ever advance in your career. You say to yourself, "My career is over."

It's crucial that you be realistic about how a recent disappointment impacts you. Sure, you didn't get promoted. That's a setback to your career goals, but it's not too big of a deal really when you look at it from a proper perspective. You'll recover and next time around, you may just be the one who'll get that promotion.


3. Take the time to revisit your goals – How do you want your life to be? What exactly is it that you're seeking? Do you have professional and personal goals that motivate or excite you? Once you've sorted through feelings of disillusionment, you need to change gears.

Evaluate your goals, professional and personal. Goals change as we get older or as our circumstances change, so you shouldn't be surprised if your goals today are somewhat different from the goals you had the last time you revisited them.


4. Create a dream board – If you want clarity regarding what you want in life, create a dream board.

A dream board is also called a vision board or personal collage. In it you can put drawings, photos, images, sayings, and anything else that point to the kind of life you want to have.

Many people have discovered creating a dream board to be an incredibly satisfying process. Once you've got your dream board done, display it where you can see and admire it daily. It will serve as reminder of your goals.


5. Concentrate on 1 or 2 goals at a time – Next month, focus on just one professional goal and/or one personal goal.

You need to think about your goals every day. Put them in your daily agenda, put sticky notes in your work area, print them out and leave them in your car.

Put out your best effort on one or two goals at any given time. When you do this, you can focus all your energy on one or two goals that are important to you at any given time and your chances of success are much higher, which means you're less likely to be disappointed.


6. Realize that life offers limitless possibilities – There are many ways you can grow professionally and personally. If something upsets or disappoints you, move on; don't turn it into a source of negativity in your life.

Be open to every and all opportunities that present themselves to you. Know that life has an infinite number of possibilities.


7. Keep moving forward – When you keep forging ahead in life, the occasional disappointments won't greatly affect you or even slow you down. If you experience disappointment today, count that as a learning experience and then move on.

A good habit to develop is listing short-term goals and then working on achieving them one by one.


The disappointing times in your life need not slow you down or hinder your personal and professional growth. The strategies above can help you overcome disappointment and enjoy a life that's your kind of perfect!







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