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8 Ways to Reconnect with Your Goals

Most people wait all year for summer to come. Summer is a great time to let loose and kick back.

After 13 years of going to school during every other part of the year, it seems like the perfect time to take a break. You might have slowed things down as the temperature kept rising, putting things on hold. You probably adjusted your focus to hanging out at barbeques and lying on the beach.

setting goals2While a resting period is essential to steady progress and preventing burnout, a long break can leave you lost. Taking too much time away from your goals or other important aspects of your life can result in a permanent vacation.

When you spend a lot of time doing something, whatever it is, you develop a new pattern of behavior or routine, if you will. Soon enough slacking off will be second nature.

"Goals? What goals?!" Or even worst, "This is it." To do nothing? Please, that's not you…ugh.

To get you back in the swing of things here are a number of ways you can reconnect with your goals based on different parts of your life.

Reconnect in Your Personal Life

Update your style

Do a little shopping, get something that looks flattering on you. When you look good, you feel good. There is nothing better than having that authentic feeling from within. Get it and run with it.

You might even be motivated to do other things that make you feel good and benefit you.


When spring began I took the opportunity to make some improvements around the house. In making some things look better, other things got worse. I had a tremendous amount of clutter. It was so demotivating. I didn't even what to work from home because the clutter made it so tense.

After cleaning up a little at a time, it started to feel like home again. I finally at a Zen place to get things done, no more focusing on the mess that used to be.

Get out

As I mentioned before, a break here and there is necessary. Your mind needs to relax for a bit so you can come back sharper and refreshed.

Gather some friends and share some laughs at a new restaurant. Try something new and outdoorsy before the season ends, like paddle boarding.

Get creative

For a long time I thought I was not creative because I wasn't expressing it artistically and I didn't really have any inspiration. Once I reconnected with the culture I was previously exposed to, I was like a trendsetter. My ideas were original and limitless.

Reconnect Professionally …because the former would not be possible without the latter.

Catch up with old colleagues

Everyone says they are going to keep in touch, but how many actually do it? Count yourself as one! I know there on your Facebook somewhere. Find them and connect.

While the days are still longer, take advantage and meet up with someone for drinks after work or a lunch in between errands on the weekend. Connecting with people with similar professional backgrounds can give you more insight on the industry and alternate career paths.

They could be one of the few people on Facebook that you actually talk to outside of the social network. Geez, you're just beating all the odds on this one.

Brighten up your cube … or office, Fancy Pants

If your office is anything like mine it consists of all these awesome shades of blah. Put up a motivation quote with some color or with a cool picture as a background. Maybe, something like this, click here (I'm always looking out for ya :-). You can also make one of these the wallpaper on your computer. This will add a little life and color to the environment, making more pleasant. You might not mind to staying awhile.

You can also hang up a small piece of artwork or make an origami bird using color paper. Just be sure to do it after hours, they might begin to question how you spend your work hours.

Develop or sharpen a skill

If your employer as an intranet they may be a link somewhere to developmental courses for your position or business segment. You can always look into expanding your knowledge of general or popular computer programs like MS Office. Or maybe you'll want to learn to use a Mac because your dream company strictly uses Apple.

A new skill or becoming an expert can make your more marketable elsewhere if you're looking externally or open up opportunities if you're looking internally.

Dust off your resume

Every time you are given a new task that is outside of your normal duties, which should already be on your resume, add it. This way it’s fresh in your mind. Later on you might forget, especially if it's a short term project.

While editing your resume, look it over, reflect on your progress. Reviewing and remembering how far you have come will motivate you to move forward and remind you of your goals.

Goals + Motivation = Drive. Go get it!

I'm sure you've made the most of your summer, and while that may have been one of your goals don't forget about the rest of them. Get back on your game, there will be plenty of opportunities to take a break while knocking down your goals.


What are your plans for this fall? What goals will you be working on?




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