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  • Make your dreams and goals realistic and achievable
  • Eliminates common obstacles that keep you trapped
  • Connects you with your goal motivating you to take action
  • Also get, The Key, bi-weekly practical tips to help you get to the next level


Definition of LEADING EDGE

(lē'dĭng-ĕj')  – noun

1. The foremost position in a trend or movement

2. Something that is or represents the most advanced or innovative aspect of a field, activity, profession, etc

Synonym: cutting edge, front line, forefront, vanguard


The Leading Edge Advocate is about helping you get to the next level, the leading edge. Most people just allow life to happen. They don’t take control and use their power to life their best life. Eventually, they get distracted by life and stuck in the same place.

Few people have the knowledge, tools and determination to consciously place themselves where they would like to be. Those who do are on the leading edge, the forefront of their well-being and happiness. This site advocates just that. We want to help you live a happy and enjoyable life.

Purpose of the Leading Edge Advocate is to get you unstuck and to the next level.


Who’s it for…

The Leading Edge Advocate is designed to help you:

  • Define your own happiness
  • Make progress in your life
  • Be present (in the moment)
  • Eliminate negative or counterproductive patterns
  • Enjoy and simplify your life
  • Turn challenges into opportunities
  • Achieve your goals

This community was created to empower people to reach their potential by providing knowledge and encouragement. I want to help you realize your ability to live better, simpler, happier lives. My goal is to supply you with the tools to improve your life while building a supportive community. I want to help change your life.

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After this 4 part course, you’ll also get, The Key, bi-weekly practical, actionable tips on getting to the next level and creating a great life.

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About Lea


I’m a certified life coach, personal finance nerd, foodie and occasional shopaholic (which is why it’s only right I also be a finance nerd ;-), it’s a balancing act).

Growing up I thought I wanted to become an attorney, recognizing my desire to help others. But what I didn’t know acknowledge was my knack for helping people with everyday life issues.

My father tried to open my mind to personal growth but I wasn’t ready. So, it wasn’t until I was well into adulthood that I started to experience episodes of self-discovery. That is when I discovered my true desire and ability to help others without the legal system.

By this time I was so distracted with the responsibilities and expectations of being an adult I didn’t pursue my passion. After a number of years I realized I was stuck in an unhappy place. I was no longer making the progress that I made during my academic career.

I wanted my life to be better, to be how I had always imagined as a child. I didn’t want to be like all the other people who gave up and settled for less than thrilling lives. I wanted to live life, not just merely exist.

I knew I had to get unstuck by challenging everything and doing things I wasn’t used to. And so I did. Along the way I learned a lot about being stuck and getting unstuck, but most importantly how to move to the next level and attain happiness. That’s why I’m the best person to help you.

And that’s how I turned things around. How I got unstuck and to a place where I can help people the way I always knew I could.

Additionally, I have years of experience as a professional focusing on behaviorism, psychology and sociology. Becoming very familiar with mental and behavioral characteristics and advising others on how to improve various affected aspects. I also have formal education in social and behavioral sciences.


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