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5 Essentials to Achieve Balance and Get Through Anything

living a balanced life

They say that life is like riding a bicycle. In order to keep your balance, you have to keep moving.

But when you do you feel like you’re about to lose it, just the thought of having to continue on when you’re about to fall apart isn’t comforting.

It actually seems impossible.

You’re going with the flow and it’s still screwing you up so might as well just let everything fall by the wayside anyway, right?


You Can't Control What You Don't Have

You’re getting fed up and annoyed because you’re not in control of things. Life is just happening to you. Instead of you controlling what’s happening in it.

So letting go might seem like the best way to regain your sanity and get some relief, but you won’t get either of those things.

In fact, it’ll only get worse.

When you let things fall apart you’re giving up your power. And when you do that you can’t control it anymore.

You can’t expect to balance what you no longer have control over.

Balancing It All Out

So you have to keep it together. You just have to, there’s no question about that. But to do that you really need to keep things in order.

Having some type of process will help to keep things balanced and ultimately keep you sane and cruising along.

You’ll no longer think about quitting because with a few tweaks to the basics, you’ll be unstoppable. Just make sure you’re doing these essential things:

1. Check yourself

When things are piling up, your fuse can get really short. I mean really.

Anything can set you off, no matter how small it is.

But before you allow yourself to unleash your rage on any old innocent bystander, check yourself.

You know it was going to happen because you were about to let it all spiral out of control. Letting loose may seem like a good idea at the time but afterwards you’ll be kicking yourself, hard.

Losing your composure will only make matters worse. Things will become 10x more difficult in an instant. And it may even be irreparable.

Take a deep breath and go with your second instinct. As long as it has nothing to do with choking someone.

2. Don’t be the sacrificial lamb

The phone rings, your mom is complaining about how your brother can’t get to work in the morning because he forgot that cars need oil to run.

No worries mom, you’ll get up almost two hours early to get both of you to work on time.

Then a text comes in from your best friend. She and that guy she’s been dating broke up, again. She needs to get out of the house to get her mind off of it.

Sure, take in a late night movie on a work night, with a sink full of dirty dishes and a full load in the laundry.

You don’t need sleep, that’s for suckers.

When things get out of hand and start to go down a bad road, your first instinct is to sacrifice yourself to help. You rationalize it by telling yourself it’s only temporary but it’s not.

This specific situation may not happen repeatedly but something will always come between you and taking care of yourself, if you continue to let it.

You need to be healthy in every sense of the word. Cutting out the basics, like sleep, aren’t going to keep you sharp and ready for action. You can’t be happy if you’re always tired.

Make sure you aren’t giving up too much to provide a helping hand.

3. Don't be too busy

You probably have something to do for every minute of the day. It may not be scheduled in but you clearly don’t have a free minute to yourself.

There’s always something you could be doing. And once one thing is done, you’re looking for the next thing to do.

The only break you get is when you can’t remember what you have to do next. But then you’re just driving yourself crazy trying to figure it out, so it’s really not a break.

Regardless of what you have going on you have to make time for yourself. Time for you to take a break from the things you have to do. And spend a little time on something you want to do, namely something that you enjoy.

Everyone needs a break, like a real break. You should be able to have a little time each day to do something you enjoy or relaxes you. Even if it’s doing nothing at all.

Honestly, that’s probably the best way to spend your me time.

4. No snooze, just get up

No matter how much fat you trim from your to-do list, you’ll probably still have a lot that you need to accomplish.

Or you might just want to be done with your stuff before the day is completely over.

You know, so you have some time for yourself or to hang out with your friends.

Sounds like a dream right? But in order to do that you’ll have to get up early. I mean earlier than you are right now.

Clearly whatever time you are swinging your leg off of the bed isn’t working. The time frame for it and the things you need to do, just aren’t meshing well.

You keep telling yourself there just aren’t enough hours in the day but the truth is you’re spending too much of them trying to go back to sleep. You’re just procrastinating even though your body is ready to go.

You’re already up, so get out of bed.

It’s never too early to get stuff done.

5. Don’t pound yourself out

When I began to learn how to make chicken cutlets I would always worry that they wouldn’t cook all the way through. I was scared that the outside would be well done but then when I took a bite into the middle it would be as raw as it was before I put it in the pan.

Then I became aware of pounding the meat with a mallet to make it an even thickness.

This discovery was great. My chicken was no longer juicy and raw or overcooked and dry. It was perfect every single time.

Once when I was preparing chicken cutlets and I was reviewing my extensive to-do list in my head, I noticed that as I pounded the chicken it was spreading out little by little. A thick, shorter piece of meat was transforming into a thinner, wider piece.

I connected the two and realized that my to-do list was too much and I was pounding myself out, into a thinner version just like the cutlet, trying to get it all done.

Not only was I exhausting myself doing things for others, I also couldn’t get a hold of my life.

Trying to do too much for others will definitely create imbalance in your life. You have to let them handle their own responsibilities so you can focus on yours.

Staying on the Bike

Maintaining a balanced life is like riding a bike and once you get the hang of it you’re unstoppable. You can just keep going and going and going.

Having balance is just a basic element that makes everything else easier. Even when you have to throw other things into the mix, which just happens from time to time, you’ll know you can handle it because everything else is balanced.

No more feeling like quitting is the only option. You’re unstoppable now. You’ve got this.


Tell me…

What are some of the things you’re trying to balance?



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