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Cracking Under Pressure? 6 Tips to Astonishing Strength

astonishing strengthHow many times in your life have you left like it was all too much at one time, just overwhelmed? Probably most of the time, right?

When you're getting pull from different angles and have so many responsibilities the load can seem too heavy to bear. It's just nonstop with one thing after another, after another.

Will you ever get a second to breathe? As soon as things start to become manageable something else comes up to throw everything out of whack.

When I was younger I probably had more weight on my shoulders than I should have but I made it my responsibility. It was something that I had to do and people depended on me, so I couldn't leave them hanging.

There were times when it all seemed impossible. When, it only made sense to drop some balls just to keep juggling the others.

There were probably a hundred times when I left like the best option would be to just dropping everything and running far, far away. Just put distance between myself and the mounting problems.

But I couldn't because that would just make things worse. I had to find a way to lift myself so I could do my part.

Every time you experience a setback you too may feel the desire to throw in the towel. Just surrender, relocate or develop selective amnesia but that won't fix anything. In most cases, your responsibilities and problems will follow you.

Anyway, if you did that you wouldn't complete anything. You'd just have a laundry list of disappointments.

Imagine how your life would be if you gave up at the sign of the slightest challenge. To paint a picture for you, you'd probably have a second grade education and not a penny to your name. Sounds pretty sad, uh?

In order to truly enjoy and appreciate things you have to take the good with the bad. After all you wouldn't know how good you had it if you didn't know how bad it could be.

Here are a few tips to help you muster up strength when life becomes too much to handle:

1. You've been through it before

Honestly this is nothing new for you. Throughout your life you've been faced with all different kinds of challenges and you managed to get through it.

At this point your trait of resilience should be clear. Acknowledge the difficulties you've overcome.

Think back on how you weathered the storm. What were you thinking at the time? What did you do that you aren't doing now?

Determine if you can apply past tricks to your current situation. Use the knowledge you've gained from past trials and tribulations.

I always think about how I got through similar situations and the fact that I did get over them. I reminds me of what I'm made of.

2. Make yourself proud

There have also been times before when you've proved yourself by doing what you were afraid to do. Maybe you tried something you've never done before or something else that put you outside of your comfort zone.

When I was in college, for a year I worked full time at nights and attended classes full time in the day. It was a difficult year with very little sleep but I had to do it to continue supporting myself. It seemed never ending but I knew it wouldn't last forever and I got through it.

Thinking about what you did to make those things work will summon incredible strength and confidence.

You're more resourceful than you give yourself credit for. So think back at a time when you did the unimaginable and be proud of yourself.

3. Be nice, to yourself

Often times you can make things harder for yourself when you continuously think about what you can't do or what you shouldn't have done. Negative self-talk is not productive in any circumstance.

When you're having a hard time you should be asking yourself what you can do to make it easier it. Telling yourself that you're an idiot for getting yourself into this mess or that it cannot be done doesn't bring about solutions.

Focus on the outcome you desire and what you need to get there. Putting your mind in the right place is crucial to sorting things out.

4. Take time to think

It's normal to feel a surge of emotions during challenging times. At this time it can be even harder to make effective decisions. Allow yourself to freak out a bit before moving forward.

Then give yourself a little time to sort things out. Brainstorm ideas to overcome your challenges, think about how each solution can be executed.

5. Be a copy cat

If you have a mentor, do you admire their strength? Consider your role models that have been able to turn challenges into triumph.

Think about similar situations that they have managed to conquer. Or simply reflect on the fact that they have found a way out. Find out what triggered their success and copy it.

Hey, they did it. So can you.

6. Fake it 'til you make it

Sometimes you have to act like you are something you're not so that you can transform into it.

Believe it or not pretending to be able to do something can bring out confidence that propels you to succeed. It's like when the salesman gives you BS about a feature in such a manner that makes perfect sense. You believe him, even though you know he’s full of it, and buy it.

Why, because his confidence spoke to you. He succeeded in meeting his goal of a sale by transforming himself from the slimeball you thought he was into a persuasive and confident expert.

I'm sure there has been at least one time in your life when you weren't sure if something was going to work out, but you gave it a shot anyway and it did. Make it an encore.

Now that you know how to dig deep and pull out your true inner strength, the next time you're experiencing tough times it will be easier to keep it moving.


When was the last time you had a tough time? How’d you get over it?

Do you find that there are similarities between challenges you’ve been through?






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  • Yes and yes to this. I had a time about a year ago that I was under extreme pressure; it felt like I was going to crack. I was finishing up grad school and I had about a million responsibilities to take care of. I was student teaching so it was the first real time I headed a classroom. On top of that, I had to videotape myself and have people come in to observe my performance. Add to that the piles of rules and regulations (both state and school) that I had to observe. It was an immense relief when it was all over.