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Attitude of Gratitude: Make Every Day Thanksgiving

On Thanksgiving many people tend to use the day as one to reflect and express gratitude. But as the sentiments of Thanksgiving pass, this decreases.

Many people feel that expressing your love for someone shouldn’t be confined to Valentine’s Day, so why should giving thanks only occur on Thanksgiving? How hard would it be to recognize your many blessings and express gratitude? I can personally tell you it’s not hard at all and by doing this you will receive even more to be thankful for.

Demonstrating an attitude of gratitude draws more blessings, here is how:

You’ll appreciate the little things – When you maintain a positive attitude you learn to appreciate the little things. Sometimes the best gifts come in small packages. Once you recognize, love and be thankful for the little things, your quality of life will improve since you’ll be aware of how fortunate you truly are.

I try to express gratitude for everything, no matter how small. One evening while I was waiting outside a restaurant for a friend, I noticed a Laundromat down the block and felt a feeling of gratitude for having a washer and dryer in my home. Up until that point I realized that I may have taken it for granted, but then recognized the convenience and time it saved me. Even though it seems trivial some people aren’t as lucky.

You’ll be spot-on – As you become more aware of a good thing, you’ll be able to identify a good opportunity when it presents itself. Good things that other people may gloss over will stand out to you. For instance, opportunities to highlight or develop your skills at work will pop out to you. A task that could be deemed tedious, you’ll see as a bonding experience for your family.

Last holiday season I was asked to bring my family to another relative’s home. Instead of dreading the 8 hour car ride, I mapped out a scenic route and made it an enjoyable road trip. Along the way we stopped and enjoyed the sights, it made it an experience to remember.

Proactively seeking new opportunities to improve your quality of life and that of your family will be rewarding in itself.

You’ll be a giver – Being thankful for the warm bed you lie in, the roof over your head, the family that makes your house a home and your full belly, you’re aware of how grateful you are. Because of this you’re more likely to help someone less fortunate.

The smallest efforts on your part can leave a great impact on another’s life. I’ve helped friends revamp their resumes to advance their careers. It was all in a day’s work for me but for them it meant much more. Improving their resume lead to them getting noticed and contacted by the employer, in many cases it resulted in skipping a step or two up the career ladder. Ultimately it had not only a positive impact on their life but that of their family.

Often when you help someone it trickles down to others, not to mention yourself as well.

You’ll raise the bar – Your thankful ways are a blessing. Your appreciation for life is more passionate when you’re thankful. You tend to view each day as another opportunity to bring more joy to your life.

It’s perfectly normal to be grateful for what you have, and still desire more. Why shouldn’t you want more? You’d be crazy not to want more of or above and beyond what already makes you happy.

Continually increasing your quality of life is a good thing for you and your loved ones.

You’ll be more compassionate – When you’re satisfied with your life and are truly happy, you tend to treat others very kindly. The likelihood of you holding the door open for a stranger or return a lost item to its owner will increase.

Your own happiness is magnified when you bring joy and relief to others.

You’ll notice your life improve gradually when you keep in mind how fortunate you really are. The smallest of things can elevate your spirits. The misfortune of others will prompt you to help them where you can. Helping someone not only aids them but also makes your life a bit brighter.

Even though Thanksgiving is over, you don’t have to stop giving thanks. Take your positive attitude to another level and make every day one of gratitude.

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  • / i am grateful for the days when i have to ggrustle to see my soul. i am grateful for the days when suffering is the core of my existence, forcing me to get over my ego and allow me to truely see life for what it is so precious and rare. i am grateful that i am given the opportuniyt to nurture an attitude of sympathy for all beings who suffer everyday ten times worse than i can ever imagine, but whom never complain or know any different. i am grateful for the days when tears well up inside my eyes becasue i feel so helplessly attached to everything around me, for when they suffer i to suffer. i am grateful for this opportunity to open my eyes to something greater than my wants and needs, and force me to accept the fact that i am here to loose myself to anyone who asks for help. i am grateful even though somedays i may not really understand the reality that surrounds me. Hari om tat sat.

    • Lea

      Impressive list. I’m grateful that you stopped by and shared your thoughts.