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5 Simple Ways to Get a Jumpstart on the Summer Body You’ve Always Wanted

Look, we’re in April already. The first three months of the year have flown by so quickly. Spring is here and Summer will be in your face before you know it. I know you’re probably looking forward to it too. Everyone can enjoy a long sunny day. But there’s one

4 Surprising Ways to Connect with Your Kids

In this day and age, raising kids is harder than ever before. You need to have the right kind of relationship with them in order to for them to even listen to you. Things are very different than they used to be. Now as a parent you have to balance

Got Big Dreams? Here Are 6 Little Known Secrets to Achieve Them

Aren’t you sick of this crap? It’s the same old nothing. You’re sick of doing it but it’s the only thing you can do. To make yourself feel better, every now and then you’ll dream about how you would like things to be. You get to enjoy a couple euphoric

How to Live by Choice (Even When You Don’t Think You Have One)

You do a lot of things because you have to, not really because you want to. Whenever something comes up you make the decision that you think is right. The one that you feel the pressure to do. Think of how many times you’ve reluctantly done something. You responded with

How to Be Incredibly Successful with Huge Life Changes

Day after day it’s the same thing. And not even in a good way. It’s the same crap. You’re stuck repeatedly doing things you don’t want to do anymore, but you have to. You’re so sick of it. You can’t wait until the day it all changes. The day when

What You Need to Do to Get Unstuck and be Successful

I know you’re sick of it. You’ve been in the same place forever. You know it’s time to move on but you can’t seem to figure out how to really get things going. Nothing seems to work.          You feel defeated every day. You’re at the point where you’re questioning your

They Lied To You, Why You Need To Be Selfish

Yes, you’ve been deceived. All that talk about how you shouldn’t be selfish is rubbish. As you grow up you’re taught all about how being selfish is a bad thing. How it won’t serve you and in fact would make you a bad person that no one wants to be

The Surefire Method to Achieve Your Goals

You’ve been through this a million times. You should have a million accomplished desires on your track record. But surprisingly you don’t. The process starts and ends the same, every single time. You get all excited when you think about something you want. Just the thought of having it makes

Screw Thanksgiving: Why You Should Give Thanks Every Day

With Thanksgiving right around the corner there is going to be a huge surge in the expression of gratitude. With the holidays upon us it’s the time of the year when most people start to reflect on the past year and on life in general. It’s basically the time when

From Talking to Doing: How to Get Started on Your Life Goals

Are you getting anywhere with your goals? You know why right? It’s because all you do is talk about the life you want to live. You haven’t taken any action to make it happen. This reminds me of my friend’s situation. He wanted to buy a house. That was