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3 Things to Remember When You’re Really Going Through It

Life can get rough whether you like it or not. I remember when I was having what I thought was a hard time and I managed to get through that pretty well. I was actually really proud of the way I was able to get over it. And I knew

7 Ways to Pound Your Fears into Motivational Pixie Dust

It’s terrifying isn’t it? But it’s a different kind of fear. It’s not the super intense, in your face kind of fear you have when you’re afraid of heights, or dogs and five of them are running towards you. No, this is a subtle fear. Silent, yet deadly. From time

How You Hit the Glass Ceiling in Life and How to Break It

You can see that there’s more out there, but you can’t reach it. You know that it exists, but you can’t touch it. You’re pushing and pushing and pushing, but you’re not getting anywhere. In fact, you’re getting incredibly frustrated and feeling kind of claustrophobic. Going down isn’t an option

5 Easy Ways to Make Yourself Feel Better When It Seems Impossible

Being in a bad mood is the worst. Literally… One thing, that is a really big deal, pisses you off and screws up your whole day. You can’t stop thinking about it because it was so colossal that now you’re seeing how it trickled on to other things. Just having

How to Live by Choice (Even When You Don’t Think You Have One)

You do a lot of things because you have to, not really because you want to. Whenever something comes up you make the decision that you think is right. The one that you feel the pressure to do. Think of how many times you’ve reluctantly done something. You responded with

Are You Feeding Yourself This Bologna???

You’re a big, fat liar and you know it. And you’ve been lying….forever. Remember when you were in middle school and the teacher announced to the class that everyone would have to give an oral presentation. Your first thought was about how you were going to get yourself out of

6 Remarkable Strategies To Put Your Past Behind You

You know that horrible feeling. It happens right after you get smacked in the face with disappointment of colossal proportions. It leaves you standing there dazed and confused, trying to make sense of what just happened to you. You review the situation over and over in your mind. You finally

4 Distorted Beliefs That Slaughter Your Chances at a Better Life

What you know to be fact can actually be fiction. At this point you’re probably wondering how you could come to believe such things. If you think it is right it must be right, right? I mean it’s not like you just pull this stuff out of the air. It

7 Vicious Beliefs You Need to Abandon to Get on the Road to Success

Yup, the most powerful tool you have to use to becoming successful could be the very thing that is holding you back. The way you think, your common understanding around certain things is preventing you for making the breakthrough you so desperately desire. With every single attempt you’re sabotaging your

Overcoming Obstacles: How to Turn a Mountain into a Molehill

Believe it or not, how you handle things impacts its outcome. How you think about something can determine if it will be a small problem or a huge debacle. Whenever I would try something with negative thoughts in tow and it did not work, my father would say, "It works for