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Comfort Zone? How Being Uneasy Will Make You Happier

comfort zone

I know it’s kind of hard to believe but it is true. Being weirded out can be the best thing for you.

Doing something that you otherwise wouldn’t, can make you uneasy at first but in the end you’ll be so much happier.

Remember when you were a baby. You were crawling around all over the place, probably even at light speed.

Then one day you decided to stand up and take a step. Why, because you wanted to walk. Hey, everyone else around you was doing it.

You weren’t too stable on your feet but you still decided to try.

It was quite exciting. And if someone caught you putting in the effort they gleamed with joy.

You probably didn’t get the walking thing the first time around but eventually you did. Now look at you, you can run, jump and probably even do a cartwheel.

But it wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t take that first step.

It was out of your comfort zone of crawling, let’s face it you were a pro, but you learned how to walk. It was a scary adventure but it led to so much more, so much better.

Run for your life                 

Could you imagine still crawling now?

You needed to get out of that comfort zone, and not just that one, just about every one you have.

Staying in your comfort zone stops you from growing. As long as you’re there it keeps you in the same place.

It’s very similar to you being an adult crawling as a way to get around. You couldn’t live like that. You wouldn’t be living at all.

You need to grow. It’s a part of life, a huge part. It helps you improve and attain happiness.

The funny thing about your comfort zone is that it’s so darn familiar.

It’s so easy to just keep doing the same ol’ thing even though you know you shouldn’t. It takes no effort at all. Just sit back and go with the flow.

You know it’s no longer good for you but there is a certain level of comfort in that toxic routing that you’ve gotten used to.

At times you may even be able to convince yourself that staying in the same place and doing the same ol’ thing is what you want. But that’s just the laziness in you speaking. No one wants to crawl for the rest of their life.

You can do it

I know carrying on the routine you have down pat is so much easier than actually putting in the effort to change but you have to do it for yourself.

Like when you were a baby, take it a step at a time.

First decide that you are going to get out of your comfort zone.

Changes that run deep require conscious effort beforehand. You have to be in it mentally so that it will be easier to carry out when it’s time for action.

If you don’t take the first step you’ll just continue on the same comfortable, stagnant path. But you’re not here for that.

You want more and you deserve it. Your comfort zone is an illusion. It sounds like the place you want to be but it’s really not.

You cannot achieve the greater things that you want, and need, in it so you have to get out of that zone.

Consider these things to push yourself out of your comfort zone:

1. Frighteningly fun

Of course trying new things can be scary but it can be fun too. Think about rollercoasters, at first they’re scary then a few seconds later you’re screaming for joy, not terror.

Being exposed to new things is fun and exciting. Just because it awakens your emotions doesn’t mean you should step back.

Life is an adventure and if you stay in your comfort zone you’re robbing yourself of a thrilling journey. Anything else is bo-ring.

2. Changing one thing changes everything

Small changes can leave a huge impact.

As a start, tweaking your routing can end up changing the whole way you do everything. It can open your eyes to other ways and possibilities, getting you closer to your goal.

3. Stunting your growth

I’ve already mentioned how staying in your comfort zone stops you from growing, but it is worth reminding you.


Now that you’ve got some motivation, this how you’re going to get out of your comfort zone:

1. Just do it

Your comfort zone is the epitome of not taking action. You’re not moving in the right direction, you’re not doing what you need to.

Sure it’ll be an adjustment, but after you’ve decided to do it you need to take action.

Put it on your mind, and then put it into action.

2. Take baby steps

You don’t have to dive into the pool from the tallest diving board, just simply dip your toe in. Do a little at a time, stretch yourself a tad.

Try pairing an uneasy task with something familiar.

If you’re scared to go at it alone ask a friend to go along with you. If you know someone who’s a bit more established, chat with them about it. The familiarity of one element will help ease the fear of the other.

When you continue to inch out of your comfort zone it’s not as scary as it seemed.

3. Remember you know how to run

Whenever you’re feeling apprehensive and you’d rather stay in your comfort zone remind yourself that you can run.

As a baby the only way you could get around was crawling, then walking and now you can do so much more with those two legs of yours.

The process was a little tough but you broke out of your comfort zone and did it.

If you can do it as a baby, you can do it now.


The truth is your comfort zone is not the place to be. It sounds good but really isn’t. You need to get out of it to really live, to experience happiness on another level.

You comfort zone makes it impossible to be truly happy.

It may be hard at first, like learning to walk, but it’s definitely worth the effort.

Remember that growth is necessary to achieve your goals in life. Leaping out of your comfort zone is the only way to get it.

Falling back into that zone will only keep you where you are, even causing you to fall deeper. It is not the way to success.

It’s time to be little uneasy.


And you…

Have you had a hard time getting out of your comfort zone? What scared you the most?




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  1. Hi, Lea,

    What an awesome article -I could not agree more. It seems counter intuitive yet this will benefit us so very much. I wrote a guest article for Adrienne’s blog which covered leaving our comfort and growing our business. Your article is in alignment with that thought, and I am happy to see the different points you have given here. Truly wonderful.

    I’ve heard the quote that life begins at the end of your comfort zone, and it’s so very true. You are absolutely right, life is an adventure. Staying in our comfortable little padded comfort zone will most definitely stunt our growth, you are spot on.

    Pushing ourselves to bigger and better things never feels good, but the results of what we achieve way overcome any negative or weird feelings we had initially.

    Love the recommendation to take baby steps and to just do it. It is as simple as that, truly is. I’ve allowed fear of failure to stop my growth until a few years ago when I change my mindset to a successful mindset.

    Sharing this with friends, Leah, it’s a great article…

    Talk to you soon,


    • Hi Carol,

      Thanks so much.

      I’ve hear the quote too and I completely agree. It is outside of it where we experience, everything really. The exciting and useful stuff anyway.

      Exactly! It ends up being so worth it in the end.

      That sounds wonderful Carol. So happy for you! You’re a living example.

      Thanks, I really appreciate it!!


  2. I love this post. It’s filled with inspiration, but at the same time slap you in the face facts that many of us just don’t want to admit are true.
    I stay in my comfort zone far too much, and I need to step out of it. You’re right my business will never grow if I don’t take chances and leave my little nest.

    Great post.

    • Thanks Crystal!

      Yes to grow and even keep up with the times you have to adapt, especially in business. The way people conduct it and expectations are ever changing so you have to be willing to take that dive into the uneasy.

      Thanks for commenting!

  3. Hey Lea,

    This post reminds me of what I was taught at my first full time job. One of the older coworkers said “Everything that is real is subject to change”… isn’t this so true. Just this quote relates to this article! Yes if we truly want to be real with ourselves, we must keep growing. As a result, we’ll find that we’ll be much happier than when we were in our comfort zone.

    Another saying is “We die at the age of 25 but aren’t buried until we’re 95”. I learned this from a friend of mine and it also does relate to this topic. It’s funny how we thought when we were in grade school and college, but after that, things change for the worst for a lot of us. We tend to stay ‘comfortable’ in the life style we chose. So yes, we must keep on dreaming like we did when we were younger to also maintain a more happy, fulfilling life!

    Thanks for the share Lea! Have a great weekend!

    • Hey Sherman,

      Yes, did was very different from what was imagined.

      Funny how you can get comfortable in something you may not particularly enjoy.

      Certainly, we must keep moving and growing so the dreams must continue and the comfort zones shattered.

      Thanks for sharing your experience Sherman! Enjoy your weekend also!


  4. It’s funny that you mention taking baby steps and thinking of a comfort zone like a baby. That’s how I think of it too! Maybe that has something to do with the fact that I’m having a baby soon and that’s all I’ve been thinking about lately. Well, not really. Anyway, whenever I think about getting out of my comfort zone, I just remember all the things I did while growing up that I didn’t think I could initially do. Eventually I just sucked it up and did it. And you know what? I grew as a person. That’s a great reminder for me to just keep pushing forward.

    • Steve I definitely see how that would be on your mind. When you’ve having a baby you probably start to connect all the dots preparing for your new role.

      Exactly. Sometimes when something puts me off I just think to myself that I just need to get it over and done with. It’ll be easier at that point.

      Thanks for sharing your insight.


  5. Hi Barbara,

    Thanks! It would be pretty tough trying to get around on all fours.

    True, goals should not be something you set once, achieve and stop. They should be ever changing. Life is a journey and we should constantly be moving forward.

    Thanks again Barbara.


  6. Hi Lea,

    I do thrive on my routine and need it to function efficiently. But I am fearless and there is very little that I wouldn’t try.

    Anything to do with extreme sports, roller-coasters, bugs I have no problems dealing with. In fact, for my birthday next year I plan to cage drive with great white sharks in south Africa (I’ve wanted to do this for ages).

    I do sometimes struggle with new concepts that I want to introduce into my work like public speaking or video blogging. But I just get on with it. I don’t like to feel defeated. And I’m happy to practice, practice, practice until I achieve what I want!

    Thanks, Naomi

    • Hi Naomi,

      I’m also like that with certain things. At times, having a routine to do regular things helps streamline them but growth is another thing.

      Great to hear Naomi! You must be quite adventurous.

      That’s all it takes, practice. Even a baby doesn’t learn to walk in one day. They keep going until they get it.

      Thanks for sharing.


  7. Hey Lea,

    You are so right and it’s always been hard for me to get out of my comfort zone. I’m a woman who likes her routine, I’m not spontaneous at all. I’ve had my moments but it’s not something I prefer.

    I don’t like change, not for the most part. I like knowing how to do something or being comfortable in a certain way. I know that change is something we all have to do eventually and I use to fight it till the very end. Probably another reason I’m always so slow getting to my destination because it does make me very uncomfortable but I will eventually do it.

    You are right of course, just take it slow, one day at a time and we’ll soon be happy we did. We’ll never get to where we want to be if we never go any further than we are at this very moment.

    Thanks for the push my friend.


    • Hey Adrienne,

      I enjoy a routine for somethings, typically productivity related, but I like to shake things up a bit. So sometimes getting out of my comfort zone is a challenge for me as well.

      Your last point hits the nail right on the head! Your very own words should remind you when you find yourself stalling.

      Glad to help my dear 🙂


  8. Hi Lea,

    I can remember being a kid at the amusement park. I was so terrified of the the roller coaster. My grandfather persuaded me patiently to ride it with him. Once I did, that was it! I was hooked.

    I had to shift my comfort zone.

    If we don’t jump out of our comfort zones we will never grow and we will never be anything more than we are. We will never experience the joys and excitement that life has to offer us.

    I really enjoyed your post Lea!!!!

    Have a great week.

    ~ Don Purdum

    • Hi Don,

      Right! That’s how it is a first then it becomes a thrilling adventure.

      Yes, moving out of your comfort zone is so important. No one really wants to stay in the same place forever. And its kind of fun to shift out of it.

      Thanks Don and thanks for sharing your exciting first ride!

      Enjoy your week also.


  9. This article is great. The advice is so beneficial that I linked it to a post I published today on my blog.

    We need to come out of our comfort zone so we can progress in life. That was how I left my secure teaching job to pursue a career as a freelance writer. If I stayed in my comfort zone, I wouldn’t have made that move.

    Fear is another thing that keeps us captive. Babies are excellent examples. They have no fear and that’s how they learn. Even when they fall, they get up and try again.

    Thanks for sharing Lea. 🙂

    • Thanks June. Oh cool, that’s great!

      Thanks for sharing your experience. That was a really big step but I think it’s paying off lovely for you.

      They sure do. They may cry after falling but they don’t let it discourage them from trying again later.

      Thanks for commenting June. I appreciate you sharing.


  10. mark newsome says:

    What a truly awesome post Lea!

    And like Donna, I too love your analogy about comparing a child’s first few steps with our learning to break free from our self imposed comfort zone!
    What a great message!

    And you’re so right, often times we let what initially seems like a slightly unpleasant and or temporarily uncomfortable situation, prevent us from really experiencing some major (long term) breakthroughs, in both our personal and business lives!

    Great post! Thanks so much for sharing it!

    • Thanks for your kind words Mark!

      I thought so too. Learning to walk is one of the biggest things we learn and it leads to so much more.

      You said it my friend! The unpleasant feeling is temporary, you just have to push past it.

      Thanks for commenting, much appreciated!


  11. Hi Lea,

    I love that analogy of a baby taking their first steps. I always think of that and say to myself we are natural beings of growth. We crawl, walk, run, all in the first years of our lives. We have an innate ability wired within us to get out of comfort zones and try new things. To me it is a natural process of being human.

    But then we grow and hear many things that say no, you can’t, it’s impossible and so on. Feeding all this into the subconscious mind can have an effect on us to stand still.

    So it comes to a decision and we have to decide to get out of that comfort zone and take the baby steps necessary to achieve new things. Once we do, it is a heck of a lot of fun!

    • Hi Donna,

      Yes, isn’t it quite the achievement?! That’s great Donna. I tend to get restless in my comfort zone and have to do something else. Too bad for some people they allow themselves to be frightened by the challenge of it.

      Very true. It’s hard to move forward without proper reinforcement. That then becomes the first obstacle you have to overcome.

      You said it! Bring on the adventure!! I’d rather have a life full of “Oh wells” rather than “what ifs.”


  12. HI lea

    The title speaks a lot about your post.

    Ya, moving out of the comfort zone requires a lot of courage. After overcoming this step, everything looks simple. So, we have to overcome the initial barrier only.
    I really love the way you have explained the meaning of comfort zone with a crawling of an adult.

    Thanks for sharing a motivational post.

    • Hi Yatin,


      I figured an example like that would wake a lot of people up. The fact of the matter is it is that important and necessary.

      Thanks for commenting Yatin.


  13. Hi Lea

    Yes we all had to start from somewhere in our journey and you reminded so well how that journey begins. You are right that the little changes we make does have a profound effect in our life.

    It is easy to stay in our comfort zone but it is a hazard to growth and growth says we should step out of our comfort zone.

    Love your tips. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Ikechi,

      The little stuff can certainly add up.

      Comfort zones are funny like that. They good for a certain period of time but we can’t stay in them forever. You have to get accustom to knowing when it’s time to challenge yourself.

      Thanks for commenting.


  14. Hi Lea

    Yet another great post.

    I love the diversity of topics you mostly cover in your posts. It shows you have deep insight into different aspects of your key niche.

    Small things can bring big change if they are done consistently and with a positively mindset.

    We must understand that Rome was not build in a day so it does require time if we do something regularly we can turn the problems into the opportunities.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful post.

    • Hi Mi,

      Thank you, I try 🙂

      Thank you so much for noticing, much appreciated. I think personal development and goal achievement isn’t about any one thing because it impacts so much. So I try to be versed in as much as I can.

      True indeed. Consistency breeds results. As you said things take time, we must be patient and determined. And the small things add up for sure.

      Thanks for commenting!


  15. Ajay Pai Aj says:

    Hey Lea! A fabulous post, I must say! To take the baby step to move out of the comfort zone, requires courage and vision. Without both it’s simply not possible and not worth. Two things could happen, you could be successful as you move out of the comfort zone or you may be a failure. If it’s the downhill way which comes your way as a result of you moving out of the comfort zone, you need to have the courage to assure and reassure yourself that you would come out the sticky situation.

    Loved reading it.

    • Hey Ajay!

      Thank you so much!!

      Good point. Besides a failure isn’t the end of the world. It actually teaches you something that you needed to learn, something that you probably need to succeed.

      Glad you enjoyed it 🙂


  16. Hi Lea,

    Wonderful post indeed 🙂

    You are so right in all that you wrote – moving away from our comfort zone isn’t easy, but that’s the only way you actually grow, evolve, and get better.

    It’s so easy for us to be and do what we usually do, and just sit there, but what do we achieve at the end of the day? I think we stagnate over time if we don’t make an effort to think different and out of the box. Those tips are apt!

    So, as your title says, you might be a little uneasy if you move away from your comfort zone, because you are trying new things – you’d be happier at the end for achieving them eventually.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend 🙂

    • Hi Harleena,

      Thanks 🙂

      I completely agree with you. Life is everchanging, as should we. There’s always something new to attain and stretch yourself. Once your goals are achieved, set new ones, keep going. Life is a never ending journey and we shouldn’t stay in any one place too long.

      Thanks for commenting. Enjoy your weekend.


      • Yash Birajdar says:

        Hi lea, Great post I must say. It actually inspires you from within and encourages to take the required steps. Absolutely Brillant.
        Plus the steps which you have given has really set me in an action mood. Thanks alot.

        • Hi Yash. Thanks for the kind words!

          I’m really glad it helped motivate you. It was my pleasure.