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Could You Be Standing in Your Way

If you feel like your goals and desires are impossible, like there is no way you can even come close to completion, you could be standing in your own way.

If you want to make a change in your life or achieve a long lasting desire, you have the power to do so. When your goals seem like a constant uphill battle, even for the simplest tasks, you could be diminishing your ability or not using your power to its full capacity. The reality of it is that you are imposing a delay tactic on yourself. You are using your imagination against yourself, to make yourself believe that there are obstacles in your way that are not. Or perhaps you do have a few speed bumps to get over, but are they as big as you make them out to be?

Since you have probably been imposing this form of self-sabotage on yourself for quite some time, the signs may not be clear to you. When a person feels powerless they often don’t consider themselves to be a contributing factor. Take a look at some habits that are displayed by those who get in their own way.



To create an exciting and adventurous social life you have to get out a bit. There are plenty of things to experience outside of your home so give something a shot.

Some people stay cooped up in the house because they don’t have many friends or don’t think they’re exciting or interesting enough to hold the attention of another. That kind of thinking will get you nowhere. You’ll be doomed to repeat the same hopeless cycle if you continue down that road.

Some people become so absorbed with things outside of their everyday reality. If you have an attachment to characters on a TV or internet show, those relationships may be the very thing you’re lacking in your own social life.



Many of us do not want to grow old alone but instead of focusing on finding a lifelong partner we direct our attention to other things.

You can decide to establish your career before embarking on a serious relationship. Perhaps you’re not as physically fit as you’d like to be and therefore wouldn’t attract the kind of person you would be looking for. Maybe you want to be more financially stable first so that you have more to offer to the relationship and can be viewed as an equal partner.

Consider the requirements you have placed before yourself. They are imposed by no one other than you. You can get a date just fine with your current level of work and financial status. Don’t you want to be with someone who loves you for who you are, taking the bitter with the sweet? So what does it matter the size of your bank account or clothing? Really, either one can change at any time down the road so look for someone who will stick it out.



Let’s say you have your other bases covered. Say you want a career that does more for you than your current position. Maybe it isn’t really paying all of the bills or satisfying to you. You may want to do something more fulfilling by making a significant impact or simply provide for your family while doing something you enjoy.

You get up and continue to work at a job you loathe because it pays the bills. Somewhere down the line those little pieces of paper with the numbers typed on them became more important than your happiness. You relinquished your power to move on to become stagnant just to pay bills. Don’t you think the job you would love would pay you to perform? Of course it will, it may take some research on your part but at least you’ll be working toward obtaining something you enjoy.

Think about what your life would be like if you spent a quarter of the amount of energy you spent focusing on bills, focusing on getting out of that situation. Getting a career, not a job, which satisfies you completely. Imagine how your life would change over the years, how different it would be. Compared to a few more years of the same thing you’re currently doing.


Don’t Delay, Start Today

As you can see, there are different ways you can render yourself powerless in different situations. If any of these resonate with you, change your habit.

Before anything you need to change your way of thinking. Allow yourself to believe that nothing stands between you and your goal.

Think about the next thing you’d like to accomplish. Shortly after you’ll probably start thinking about the whys regarding you not completing it, listen to them.

Knowing your negative reaction allows you to examine your fears. Thinking that you’re not interesting enough to maintain someone’s interest exhibits your feelings about yourself. You’re basically saying you’re not good enough.

When you should have been using your ability to complete tasks to get closer to your goals, you were building walls to separate you from it. Creating a false obstacle that you didn’t have what it took.

Now that you know how you’ve been standing in your own way, move. Give yourself room to grow. Listen to the voice that tells you why you can’t then turn the tables. Be realistic in your views. You are good enough. You are attractive enough. You’re more than capable and anything you lack can be improved upon.

If you find it to be more difficult when it comes to turning around your negative self-talk, enlist the help of professionals. A coach or mentor can help you improve the way you speak to yourself.

You should be using your abilities to your benefit. You have the power to do what you want. You should be building yourself up, not tearing yourself apart. Even if all you do is consider the tips just mentioned, you’ll be closer to achieving your goals than you would’ve been otherwise.

You have the power to change your circumstances. The sooner you realize this, the sooner your life will be filled with satisfaction and success.


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