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Cultivate More Happiness in Your Life

Being happy is a wonderful feeling. If you ask some people they may say happiness comes from within, something that is instilled in you. While this is true various experiences and moments can also make us happy.

Having a good time at the park with your kids or at a party with friends may ignite happiness. What about nailing that promotion you’ve been working so hard at work for, bet you were filled with happiness when you got the news. Still, you probably know someone who just seems to be happy all of the time. Even when things are not going so well, they still manage to put on a happy face.

There are ways for you to increase with feeling that is cultivated from within and without. You can also remove things from your life that prevents your ability to be happy.

Try these simple tactics to increase and concentrate on what brings true happiness into your life:

Reduce the emailing – Everyone enjoys getting email if it is not spam. However the joy is short lived. Think about the amount of time you spend going thru your inbox during a single week. Is all that time you’re spending making you happy?

Start going thru your email and eliminating the unnecessary messages and limit this communication method to the messages that have meaning and purpose to you.  Believe me, just knowing that you don’t have email piling-up 24/7 provides some mental relief which will help make way for more happiness. I used to feel a bit stressed when I would see the number of new emails I have been I sign into my email account, knowing I’d have to siphon thru them.

Dump the junk – Go through your belongings one by one and purge the things that you don’t love or need. All the extra stuff is just getting in your way, making everything more clutter and tying up your resources. Sell the stuff, donate it or give it away to friends it may be useful to someone else.

Cancel the cable – Most of us have come to view cable television as a necessity. While it is entertaining, some of us spend too much time watching it. The amount of time the average person spends in front of the tube is staggering. And all for what, it doesn’t make anyone happier. It merely serves as a distraction from real issues and real life, both positive and negative.

I used to spend a lot of time watching TV, to the point where I could tell what time of the day it was based on what was on. Then I realized it wasn’t adding much to my life and neither was I.

Try limiting your viewing hours to just a few per week. This will provide you with more time to do something meaningful, like working on your goals. Reaching those goals will, in all likelihood, bring you more happiness than excessive TV viewing.

Eliminating these things might not directly increase your happiness, but it’ll allow you the time and opportunity to do other things that will increase your happiness.

Now that you’ve opened up some space and cleared the clutter, take a moment to consider these areas of your life:

Work on your relationships – Think about your relationship with your spouse or partner, how is it? Is there something that could be improved? Making this relationship as positive as possible is crucial to your happiness.

Evaluate your friendships – Are your friendships and social activities supporting your happiness? Are they making you happy? Can you increase positivity in this area?

Assess your health – Are you as healthy as you could be? Are you physically fit or happy with your body? What changes can you make to your routine to bring about the results you desire?

Consider your career, finances and hobbies – Examine each of these areas and determine if you would be happier with some changes. If so, make a plan with some easy action steps to get you started on a path that brings you more happiness.

Now that you’ve gotten rid of the dead weight and changed the things that aren’t as good as they could be you have room to add in activities that support your happiness. Don’t be in a big hurry to take up all the new space; enjoy the peace and quiet.

If you have an activity that you’d really like to add to your life, this is the time to do it. Over time, continuing to add new things that bring joy will enhance your overall happiness. Your life will be forever changed.

Having a life filled with happiness is easier than you think. Just simply get rid of all the objects and activities that aren’t adding to your happiness. At this point, you’ll have the time, space and even money available to add more satisfying features to your life.

Try using just one or two items from this plan today. Before you know it, your level of happiness will be higher than ever.

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