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Get That Goal: 6 Tips to Achievement

Have you noticed that whenever you start working on something, you're inspired? You're interested and excited on what you're doing. You've got an idea on how hard you're going to work on it and what the end result would look like. Then several days or weeks into it, you wake up and notice you're not excited about the project anymore.

As soon as that spark of excitement and enthusiasm disappears, so does the glow of your goals. You start making excuses as to why you can't continue working on it anymore. You've got other more important things to do, so that project that you were so excited about only a few days or weeks ago will have to be on the back burner.

You promise yourself you'll work on it as soon as you're done with other stuff, but months go by and by the time you remember what you promised to yourself, you no longer have any energy, time, or desire to see the project to completion.

If you often start things without seeing them through, wouldn't you want to change this? Wouldn't you want to have that sense of accomplishment of completing the projects you start? Here are some strategies you can try.


1. Learn to prioritize – Whenever you get that spark for a project, take the time to think about it carefully before jumping right in.

Is it something that's important? If something has very little relevance in your life and your overall goals, don't get started on it because there's a good chance that you won't see it to completion.

Here's an example. Let's say you want to learn Italian. Unless you've got a trip to Italy (or in a country where Italian is one of the languages spoken) scheduled in the foreseeable future, it's not wise to invest your money on an expensive Italian language learning package.

Maybe you're headed to Mexico instead. If you are, learning to speak Italian wouldn't serve you well in Mexico.


2. Consider the timing – Each time you get that itch to get started on a new project, ask yourself if now is the right time for it.

If you've got major things happening in your life, those things will take a huge chunk of your time, which means you're not likely to be able to devote a good amount of time from new projects.

Let's say you want to do a huge cleaning project in your house, but it's already November. The holidays begin the following month, so is it a good time for you to be taking on a massive project?

Can you finish giving your house a thorough cleaning in a month's time? If it doesn't look doable, don't sweat it. Postpone it for after the holidays. You will get it done eventually.


3. Be committed – If you've determined that a new project is important enough for you to start it now (and the timing is right), you need to fully commit yourself to it.

 Lay out a plan of how you're going to start and finish it. Put each step in writing and set a time frame for each step. Start this project using this plan as your guide.


4. Consider your energy level – If you have a family, know that the things you do outside of taking care of them are extra. Consider how much reserve energy you've got to devote to a new project. Is it enough for you to actually finish a project?


5. Think of the end result – If you get a project completed, what will its effect on your life be? Is it going to make your life better? How would you likely feel after completing it? Will you be proud?


6. Try to be realistic – You need to be honest with yourself. When you're deciding whether or not to start a new project, consider the other things in your life and be realistic.

If you make your decision this way, you've got a better chance of completing any project you start.

It isn't always easy to finish anything you start. However, if you spend the time to map out your project, it will help a great deal.






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