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Get Unstuck: 8 Things You Need to Do Each Day for Your Future

get unstuck

Every day seems to have its own problems doesn’t it?

If it’s not one thing, it’s another.

If it’s not big, it’s colossal.

Like you can’t even catch a break.

The problems of each day may be different but one basic thing remains the same.

There are problems every, damn, day.

You’re probably trying to accept it as a part of your everyday life. Thinking that there’s no way you can have a normal, ideal day.

But you can. You don’t have to keep living the same mistakes and problems over and over again.

Yeah, mistakes happen but they aren’t a way of life. Your day shouldn’t be filled with them.

Honestly, you’ll stop having daily problems if you stop repeating the same mistakes.

Each Day Is a Building Block

Every day may seem like nothing but when you look at the bigger picture and put it all together it really is something.

Each day adds to the next and builds up towards your future.

The bigger problem is, if every day is a crap shoot what do you think your future is going to be like?

Exactly, enter poop emoji.

Constantly repeating the same mistakes is poisonous to your future. It undermines everything you are trying to do.

It’s even worse when you know things aren’t what you want them to be, but you keep doing the same things anyway.

You end up being like a hamster on a wheel. Going around and around, running for hours but not ever getting anywhere.

After all that time, after all that effort you’re still in the same exact place.

Think About It

If you’re going to commit to doing things, the same way indefinitely it should be something that is successful for you. Something that’s worked for you in the past and continues to today.

So what do you have to do?

Thinking about what works and what doesn’t. Make an effort to ditch what’s keeping you on the hamster wheel and keep doing what’s working for you.

What’s actually successful.

That’s the kind of day you should be repeating every day, a successful, problem-less one.

That’s how you actually start building your future.

And this is how you do it:

1. Review the day

I know it kind of sounds like work but it’s really simple.

Each evening, take a few minutes to go over the highlights and low points of the day. Think about what went well, what you’d like to repeat.

But don’t forget about the not so great aspects of your day.

I know you’d probably like to forget the low points completely, but the point of this is to prevent them from happening again, not to dwell on them.

Think about what you can do to repeat and increase the positive points and eliminate the low points.

2. How’d you get here?

Seriously, ask yourself that. But not in the physical sense, of course.

Determine how the best parts of your day came to be and how the low points got away from you.

Like how at 7:15 this morning you spilled hot coffee on yourself.

You might want to figure out what let up to the point in the morning when your coffee up ended up sideways on the floor, with that roasted goodness leaking out onto the pavement.

All after tumbling off your stomach and down your leg. 

Because couldn’t find your house keys while rushing out the door you now have to walk straight into the office with a stain down the left side of your body, because you didn’t have time to change.

learning from mistakesImage 2

3. Break the cycle

You can’t continue to live like this. Not even once a week.

Do you really want to stand over the sink each week trying to get coffee stains out of your best button up?

Hell no! You should be able to drop in the hamper without a single thought, not scrub holes into the fabric.

Besides, you don’t want your boss to think you’re a slob.

And who needs another first degree burn at the break of dawn.

Let’s not even talk about smelling like coffee all day without having a single sip.

Be determined not to live another day with a giant coffee stain on your shirt and not a single drop in your tummy.

4. Put it to work

Now you know how you got here.

So really, you know exactly how to avoid it.

You enjoyed the warm liquid goodness of your morning cup externally because you were rushing.

So what are you going to do now?

How about, tomorrow morning you get up the second time your alarm goes off. Giving yourself a few extra minutes so you can have your keys in your hand as you stroll out.

Yeah, that sounds a whole lot better than wearing parfum de coffee until 6pm in the evening.

Doesn’t it?

5. Dismantle your reaction

The thought of getting up on time can seem unnecessary, only because you really don’t want to.

You’ll probably start to convince yourself that you can re-do the whole morning without really changing anything and it’ll magically turn out way better.

But it won’t.

You were rushing because you were late and running out of time. And you spilled your coffee because you were rushing. It all comes back to the same thing, rushing.

The only way to eliminate the main issue is to make more time. But you can’t turn back the minutes on the clock when you need them so you have to make the best of what you’ve got.

If you’re resistant to the idea of getting up early, it’ll be harder to do it.

Let go of those extra 10 minutes, you weren’t really sleeping anyway.

Who can sleep when the snooze reminder keeps going off right when you doze back off?

6. See yourself doing it

I know waking up the first time your alarm goes off seems like a tough task.

I like to let mine go off two or three times, ya know, just to make sure it’s working. I was going to get up anyway, really. Anyway…

But if you need the extra few minutes you either have to get up on time or *gasp!* earlier.

See yourself getting up a bit earlier and breezing through your morning.

No rushing, all organized, even with a few minutes to spare.

Watch yourself enjoy your first sip of coffee after locking your door and sliding the keys in your pocket.

Getting over the hump and starting your day on a positive note with a fresh cup of Joe.

7. Remember why you need to do it

Perhaps you recall my descriptive note before about stained clothes, burnt skin and an empty tummy.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Having a small slip up at the top of the morning can change the whole course of your day. Something bad can be the first of many. It just ends up being the start a domino effect.

It’s the first piece to fall… eventually taking down everything with it.

If you can prevent a bad day before it starts, why wouldn’t you?

You really don’t need to feel the pain again.

Trust me, once is enough.

8. Check it out

Once you start doing it you may not even notice how well it’s going.

But do take notice. Check out how great things are going.

Realize how you did it.

You didn’t want to let go of those 10-15 extra minutes of “sleep” but it’s doing wonders for you.

You probably won’t even remember the last time you spilled something on yourself.

Your colleagues will probably even start giving you compliments, I mean you really do look amazing without a Florida shaped coffee stain on your shirt and pants.

At first it can be hard getting into the groove of new things but once you check out how great you’re doing it’ll motivate you to continue.

how to be successful in lifeImage 3

Changing Your Day

You don’t have to continue to have problems every day. It is possible to have a smooth, successful day, one after another.

Aggravation and frustration don’t have to be major feelings in your day to day life. It can slowly go away while you begin to savor the victorious moments.

You just have to be proactive about repeating your successes more than your failures. It’s the only way to make progress.

Whether you need to review them daily or weekly, you’ll benefit greatly from making sure that everything is on track. That you’re building the future you want not making a mess.

It’s really worth the 15 minutes it would take. So just start today.


Tell me…

Wouldn’t you like to stop making the same mistakes day after day?



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  • I was literally talking about precisely this topic with my wife just yesterday – about how we should go about being more intentional to plan and work toward our future. It’s so easy to get so caught up in the present that we fail to invest meaningfully in the tomorrow we want to arrive that. This is a very timely read for me. Thanks for sharing.

    • Lea

      That’s great! It’s a really important discussion to have, especially with your spouse. Yes!! The regular day to day can be overwhelming so you have to take control of it and do what’s necessary.

      Thanks for sharing. Glad to hear you’re making those strides.

  • Hey Lea,

    Life is so complicated and people need to figure it out. It’s necessary to think about the starting of the day the reviewing process seems great.

    Having the clearing vision to work and gather it with the process of working is good.

    Thanks for sharing this article with us.
    Have a happy weekend.

    • Lea

      Hey there Ravi,

      They sure do, its the only way to simplify it. I think it’s basically essential. Great point, a clear vision is needed.

      Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy the weekend also.

  • Hi Lea,

    I have to admit, I was nodding yes as I was reading through. I’m not a wake up in the morning and jump out of bed person. Thus, my alarm (my hubs) wakes me when he leaves for work so I have an hour extra in the a.m. to get my wits about me and tend to the furkids. I find on the days that I rush doing something, especially getting out of bed, the day tends to be all out of whack. Even my mental well-being is out of sorts. Taking my time throughout my morning gives me more balance as well.

    Thanks for the added inspiration. Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!


    • Lea

      Hi Bren,

      Ha ha, neither am I. Even after my hubby leaves for work in the AM I’m trying to get a few more Zzzz. That definitely happens. That’s exactly why I try not to rush and plan accordingly. In fact this past weekend I was rushing and ended up missing the one thing I was rushing for. I was so annoyed.

      Thanks for sharing. Hope you’ve been enjoyed the week so far.

  • Hi Lea

    Great advice in this post. I especially love point 1 – review your day. I do believe that is an important aspect of our life that so many tend to stay away from doing. Not many are comfortable with confronting ourselves and rather than doing it and finding out something that makes us ashamed or even fearful, many tend not to do it. Not reviewing the day is also an easy way to fall prey to repeating mistakes.

    I make mistakes but after making them, I learn and I grow from them. They are usually the things that helps me to become a better person.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.

    • Lea

      Hi Yvonne,

      I couldn’t agree more. We have to take that moment to look things over. It’s the first step to breaking the cycle.

      I tend to do the same. To me a mistake is only worth making if you can learn from it. Otherwise, you’re just spinning your wheels.

      Thanks for commenting. You enjoy the upcoming weekend as well.

  • Hey Lea,

    I know all too well what rushing causes. It’s a lousy feeling in and of itself because it’s nothing but anxiety. Just not a good way to start your day – especially if you need to drive somewhere.

    These days, I prefer to give myself time in the morning to chill out before doing anything in specific. It’s been a huge help. You don;t notice the difference until you practice it for a while. Then you reflect back on the stress and wonder how you allowed yourself to live that way for so long.

    Great reminder here. How we begin our day matters. It sets the course for everything to follow.

    • Lea

      Hey Dana,

      It sure is. I hate having to rush around. Life can be stress itself without any added fuel to the fire.

      Right?! It’s amazing the things we put ourselves through. Then when we realize something better its like a light bulb moment.

  • Hi Lea,

    Good to be over at your blog after a while, as you know I was on a longish blogging break, and have just returned 🙂

    Loved the advice given in this wonderful post, something that we all need to do so as to not repeat the same mistakes. What works best is to adapt to change, and of course change ourselves for the better as well.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    • Lea

      Hi Harleena!

      Yes, and I’m glad you had a moment to stop by. You have been missed 🙂

      Absolutely. Knowing isn’t helpful unless you do something with the info.

      Thanks so much for commenting. Enjoy the week as well!

  • Hi Lea,
    most People are following a daily habit without being aware of this.
    No wonder after time they feel miserable if they make the same
    sometimes unnecessary actions which lead to mistakes again
    and again ,getting aware of this and make changes and as
    you say ,break the cycle will help. Often it needs articles like this or friends to make conscious of this habits.
    It is good to reflect on the day as you write. Finding the good things
    makes feel better .
    Great post
    Thank you

    • Lea

      Hi Erika,

      You’re exactly right. Once you get into the habit of doing something you forget that you’re even doing it.

      Yes, writing is also another great way to look back. Thanks, I really appreciate it 🙂

  • Stella Chiu

    Hi, Lea

    The statement of “Stop repeat the same mistakes over over again” really hit me well. I repeat many unproductive actions day after day without realizing them. I like the idea of review the day before going to bed. It is more likely to carry out when I put down as schedule. In addition, I am starting to prepare the things for tomorrow the night before.

    Awesome post.

    Stella Chiu

    • Lea

      Hi Stella,

      That’s the thing, you get so used to doing something you don’t realize when it no longer works for you. That’s why it’s important to reflect on not only your progress but how you’re contributing to it.

      Reviewing it in the evening is also good because it allows you to start the next day fresh with the new info. Instead of stumbling around until you realize what happened, again. That’s a great practice Stella.

      Thanks 🙂

  • Hi Lea,

    I love this analogy! It is what we all need to do in order not to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. We all get stuck in one way or another, but like walking around with coffee on our best button down all day, we do have to use our brain and think Why?

    Going back to review deeper and fixing it is something we usually don’t do. Instead we can choose to complain and grumble all day smelling like coffee lol.

    Whenever we get stuck we have that little internal nudge that we need to respond to. Your advice is spot on. There is always a reason why….like in your analogy…wake up earlier. Change behavior…this stuff works.

    In business it works the same way, we just have to recognize it. Thanks for this amazing article.


    • Lea

      Hi Donna,

      Yes!! Whenever I go through something I don’t ever want to again I ask myself why and try to prevent it in the future. But of course it was always like that. I had to get fed up first, like you said it isn’t something we usually do.

      Lol, yes we do.

      Isn’t it great when a simple piece of advice works for all aspects of life 🙂

      Thanks for your very kind words. I really appreciate it!