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Getting Over it: 7 Simple Ways to Move on

Everyone has gone through difficult times at some part of their life. It may even seem more paramount now with the current economic environment. Or perhaps that has nothing to do with your troubles. Maybe you cannot get past some events from a difficult childhood or experiences later in life that left a scar or two.

Your past experiences do not have to keep you from enjoying your life. But you do have to make an effort to release your anguish.

In order to effectively move forward and live a better, happier life you have to let go of the past and embrace your present to paint a brighter future for yourself.

Here are some tips to help you stay present and move on:

Recognize it – Regardless of what your past entails acknowledge and make peace with it. It’s already over and done with so you should be able to let go of it.

Identify and accept your feelings about the event that you are holding on to. Examine how you felt then and how you feel now about it. Once you’re able to gain a better understanding of your emotions surrounding the occurrence, you can move on.

That was then, this is now – You may often hear others refer to their past experiences as defining moments in their lives. Saying that their character is the end result of their past. While that may work for some people as it relates to some events, these experiences do not have to define who you are. You are in the position to define yourself, take advantage of that.

Release it – Just let it go. Once you’ve acknowledge the event and your feelings about it, put it behind you. If it helps use visualization to banish the past, you can pretend you’ve placed it in a boat and watch it sail down the river. You can also use mediation to clear your mind of thoughts about it if you find that they keep creeping back in.

Examine your situation – Determine if you are happy with the way things currently are. Would you like to have a better job? Or maybe you need to move into a bigger place? Instead of focusing on the past, look at your present and think about your future. Appreciate what’s going on now.

Live in the moment – Be present in whatever you do. Be there completely, not just physically but in mind and spirit. Set everything else aside and focus on what is going on. You already know how disruptive and counterproductive it can be when you’re trying to do one thing and you’re preoccupied with another.

Whether you’re relaxing at home or working, put your attention on your task. Be present.

Create the life you desire – After contemplating your feelings about your current situation, take from that and lay down the foundation for your future. If there’s something that you want, devise a plan to get it. On the other hand if you’re truly happy and don’t see any areas that need improvement, be grateful. Again, keep the past in the past and bask in your joy.

Be aware of your feelings – Identify and acknowledge your emotions. Take note of how each task makes you feel. To live in the moment and be present you must live consciously by raising your awareness.

You’ll find more pleasure in your life when you immerse yourself in the moment. You’ll enjoy things that you never realized were there.

It’s important to acknowledge various events and your life and even keep them fresh in your mind, but they should hold you back or prevent you from enjoying now. You need to be present to enjoy your life and build your future.


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