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Got Big Dreams? Here Are 6 Little Known Secrets to Achieve Them

how to achieve goals

Aren’t you sick of this crap?

It’s the same old nothing. You’re sick of doing it but it’s the only thing you can do.

To make yourself feel better, every now and then you’ll dream about how you would like things to be.

You get to enjoy a couple euphoric moments before something snaps you back to reality.

You’re painfully reminded that you are not living your dream.

At all. And how badly you want to be.

Run for the Hills

Escaping is probably the first thing you think about when you have a few moments to yourself in your reality.

If only there was a way out…

Running away doesn’t seem like a good plan because changing your location won’t solve all your problems. You’ll just be unhappy somewhere else.

Living your dreams would be amazing but it’s a lot. It just seems like too much to do.

I mean, this isn’t like going to bed 15 minutes early every night to get some more sleep, its colossal size. Epic even.

It’s so big that running off into the woods and learning to survive off the grid sounds easier.

But that won’t change anything because you’ll just end up having the same dreams in the cold, dark wilderness.

Back to the Drawing Board

The bottom line is your dream is so big it’s intimidating. So much so that you’re considering living among lions, tigers and bears instead of working on it.

If you really want to live it, you should be actively pursuing it.

But this is some next level ish. You can’t approach it like you do everything else.

Those things are crumbs compared to this big loaf of bread.

You need a different strategy to make it happen. Something that helps you to tackle every part of it.

If only you had a secret formula. Well, you will if you read on.

1. You have to do it first

On any given day you’ve got a trillion and one things to do.

You figure they all have to get done so there’s no rhyme or reason as to how you do it, you just take random stabs at whatever’s on your list.

You do two or three, of the easiest, things and then you take a break. You might do one more thing before convincing yourself that the rest can be done tomorrow or even next week.

And while your dream may be on that list, you never get around to it because it’s not easy enough so always gets overlooked.

That has to end.

If you really want to make it happen, you have to do it first. Because if it’s mixed in somewhere in the middle of your list you’ll never get to it.

And you might want to consider prioritizing your list but first, you need to make sure you work on your dreams first and daily.

2. You have to know where you’re at

Making big dreams happen takes time.

And when you’re doing a little bit here and a little bit there it’s hard to see your overall progress, and to know that what you’re doing is working.

So as time continues to go by and you haven’t hit a milestone it becomes easy to get discouraged, wanting to stop completely.

But going back to dreaming isn’t the answer.

Keeping track of where you are in the whole process is.

Measuring your progress will help you to see how far you’ve come and clearly outline what you need to do next.

It’ll motivate you to keep going because you’ll see that something is actually happening even though you have yet to really achieve a milestone.

But it’s cool, cause you’re on your way.

3. You have to look at what you’re doing

When you want to achieve something huge, like really different from where you are now, you tend to just try to throw it in the mix.

But something that dramatically different usually doesn’t mesh too well with what you already have going on.

Like let’s say you want to save ten grand to put in your savings account. You might think, okay I make a decent enough living so I’ll just put whatever money I have leftover at the end of the month towards that goal.

Then at the end of the month, your bank balance is about $3.27 higher than it was at the beginning of the month. After some investigation you realize that you’ve been spending a sizeable amount of money eating out and buying odd gadgets online, which is why you’re left with practically nothing.

You see how just saying you’d do something that was vastly different from your existing habits (of constantly eating out and hitting up Amazon) didn’t mesh with your dream of saving ten grand?

Think about it, if it was that easy you would’ve saved the money before without really trying.

Don’t be surprised if your existing habits conflict with your big dreams.

Just realize that you’ll have to make some real changes.

Typically doing one remarkable thing isn’t going to change too much for too long. Change is going to come to a number of different things in your life, especially your habits.

But don’t worry the outcome will be nothing short of amaze-balls.

4. You’re the biggest obstacle

When you think about living your dreams how does it make you feel?

Are you excited and can’t wait to make it happen? Or are you in love with the thought of it then tense up when you think about going through with it?

Like I said, having dreams that are bigger than life (especially your current one) can be a bit scary at first but you’ll have to get over this if you want it to be more than a passing thought.

There are a number of ways to move pass this initial discomfort, just find one that works for you.

You need to get to a place where you can see yourself living your dreams without turning your stomach.

You shouldn’t be hesitant about taking action, you should be all in. Otherwise, you’ll always have to overcome this obstacle before you can do anything related to your dream.

5. Wait… and wait some more

The way some things work these days is wonderful isn’t it.

I mean if you want to go to a concert you can just go online, buy the tickets and print them out seconds after paying for them.

As soon as they get the authorization from your credit card, boom! They’re right there in your hand. No more having to wait to pick them up at the box office the day of the event.

Instant gratification is marvelous.

And you’ve probably become accustom to living in a world where things like that happen all the time.

Just know that your goals and dreams aren’t doing to work anything like that at all.

Sorry Charlie.

When it comes to this you’re going to have to be patient.

Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day, so don’t expect your dreams to be either.

Breathtaking things are going to happen but you have to be patient with it.

Think of working on your dreams as a marathon, you have to keep going until you reach the finish line. It’s not a jog that could pretty much end whenever your legs get tired.

Take a deep breath and continue on.

Greatness takes time. Remember, it takes 13 hours to build a Toyota but 6 months to build a Rolls Royce.

You know you’re a Rolls.

6. You can’t pick crap

You want to know why your previous goals didn’t pan out?

It’s because they were crap. You picked some cockamamie nonsense that doesn’t mean anything to you.

So what happens? It stays a flimsy dream.

If you’re not passionate about it, you won’t do it.

The end.       

There really isn’t any more to it.

Working on your goals and dreams is extra compared to the other everyday things you do. Let’s face it you don’t always want to do those other everyday things so you’re certainly not going to be thrilled about doing more on top of it.

That’s why you have to have a connection with what you’re trying to achieve.

The easiest way to do this is to pick something that you really want. Don’t make the mistake of doing what everyone else is, or let society tell you what you should want.

Dreams require commitment, sacrifice and your time. You’re not going to do this unless you really want it.

So make it meaningful.

Jump to It

It’s time to stop distracting yourself with crazy ideas of sleeping on sticks, or just about anything else outside of working on your dreams.

It’s not just going to happen by itself, and learning how to eat leaves isn’t going to make you happy.

You shouldn’t be avoiding your goals and dreams anymore. You now have the means to make some real progress towards it.

Use these secrets to make them happen so they can go from dream to goal, to reality.


Tell me…

What dream do you want but have been avoiding?




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  • Great ideas..

  • ha ha ha very intresting topic and post here, thanks for it..

    • Lea

      Glad you enjoyed it

  • Hi Lea,

    Haha – my goals WERE crap. They were complicated and required a lot of unnecessary glitter.
    These days, I have simplified. The simpler, the better. And yes, I’ve gone back to the drawing board several times, each time getting to know myself a bit better.

    Hasn’t always been so pleasant, but it has been enlightening. When I think of my dream, I get calm and filled with joy and serenity.

    • Lea

      Hi Dana,
      At least you were able to learn from the experience. Starting over isn’t so bad when you can take something valuable from it.
      Awww, that’s so awesome! That’s exactly how you should feel. When you feel good following the thought of your dream it makes it easier to pursue it, compared to being scared off.
      Thanks so much for sharing.

  • Hi Lea ,you give good advice here. It seems some people are not really believing that they can reach a dream and get distracted. If we have a dream we need to take action in direction of it see the signs of what can bring us more near to it and go after it. Thank you

    • Lea

      Hi Erika,
      Yes, action is a big part of it. I think people tend to spend too much time in the thinking phase which keeps them from taking action. That’s a lot of variables that can keep you stuck there but you have to more past them.

  • Peggy Nolan

    Really great post Lea! I carve out time every. single. morning. to work on my dream! Thank you for visiting my blog today!

    • Lea

      That’s wonderful Peggy!! Everyone should do that. You have to make it a part of your every day to make it happen. Thank you for coming to mine as well!

  • Good advice, Lea. Fantasies are wonderful and cozy but when it comes to action, so many fears walk in and settle down. Then, of course there are those naysayers who are ready to convince the dreamer about how hard it is. 🙂 Love your post! thanks for visiting my blog!

    • Lea

      Excellent point. Whenever you’re ready to go someone comes up and points out everything that is wrong, making you rethink the whole thing. Then you’re back where you started. Thanks Vidya!! Thanks for stopping by as well!

  • Hey Lea,

    Every person dreams big but there are a few who work for the dreams. I have always thought about catching that fire of glory. And the best part is that sometimes we are the obstacles.

    You are right. People should wait. They can’t expect to fulfill their dreams in a day. It requires so much time and effort.
    Thanks for bringing this up.

    • Lea

      Hey Ravi,
      You’re exactly right. It’s easier to want it than to work for it. You have to be patient for great things to happen. Although a lot of things these days come in an instant, big things still take time.
      Thanks for commenting.