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Why Hope Is All You Need to Be the Greatest


Okay, so you have this really great idea of what you want to do with your life.

You’ve finally come up with something that you believe you can really enjoy, while at the same time getting out of the tedious cycle of misery that has become your work and home life.

The thought of it makes you giddy and hopeful, like you have newfound inspiration. You don’t even mind the mundane aspects that come along with it because you know in the end it’ll be much, much better than what you’re dealing with now.

You don’t have everything ironed out yet, but you know you can work that out later.

The most important thing now is having an idea that will work. It makes no sense to know the whole process before realizing that it leads you to a dead end.

You’re so pleased with yourself for coming up with this that you had to share it with someone. So you tell your friend about your upcoming endeavor.

At first it seems like they’re listening but as you’re talking they start to make these odd facial expressions. Then as soon as you stop speaking they hit you with these machine gun like questions.

Every question is blowing a hole into your armor of glee. And there go those facial expressions again.

Why are they looking at you like you’re crazy?!

What started out as a cheerful conversation about your future now has you wondering if you need to go back to the drawing board.

Starting over?

Since you’ve had that life altering conversation with your friend you haven’t done much.

It’s like they left you paralyzed in some kind of awkward limbo.

You haven’t completely given up on the idea because you love it so much and it would finally put you in the place that you feel that you should already be in.

But you haven’t moved forward either because you feel like your friend might be on to something. Maybe your dream isn’t good enough to pursue.

You’re so confused and torn you don’t know what move to make. You’re hesitant about everything now.

You thought you had the basics figured out but now it seems like you might’ve been wrong.

Your friend blasted so many holes in your dream. They didn’t understand how it could work. They didn’t see what you did.

You recognize that you have a little better understand of it than they do, but the whole thing still has you questioning if whatever is pushing towards it is enough.

What Do You Need?

Exactly what you have, that’s what you need.

That undying desire to continue on, that faith that things will come together and that you’ll figure things out as they come, that hope.

Hope isn’t typically a feeling people look for when deciding to take action. It usually isn’t an emotion that is even recognized until every other one has been expressed.

Hope is expecting that things are going to work out without knowing how they will. It’s an inexplicable feeling of trust.

This seems ineffective but hope can be very impactful.

As long as you have that feeling of hope you can turn a bad idea to your friend into the best thing that has ever happen to you. Just ask Michael Jordan.

He didn’t make it on to his high school basketball team. They didn’t see his talent, just like you friend could not see the potential for success in your dream.

But that didn’t stop him. Hope drove him to continue on with his dream of playing the sport he loved.

Now, he is undeniably viewed as a superstar on the court with numerous championships and accolades. Jordan is considered to be one the greatest to ever play in the NBA.

All he had was hope and he still became the greatest, and you can too.

Hope has this incredible way of helping you to overcome obstacles. It’s like your invisible aid. When you’re stuck it helps you through.

Take a look at the different ways hope plays a big part in cultivating your greatness:

1. It’s the seed you need

You know what happens when you plant a seed. It grows into something much larger than the seed ever was.

Whenever you want something, having that feeling of hope behind it is an indication that it could actually be what you want and more.

Even though you may not see the whole picture there is still a force pulling the pieces together.

2. You’re real with yourself

You know how many times you’ve jerked yourself around, setting up unrealistic time frames and believing in concepts what you later realized didn’t make sense.

When you’re hopeful you are honest with yourself because your desire for it to work out is much greater. You know there is no time to kid around.

3. It drives you

Hope pushes you to do what you can to make sure things work out. Your ability to take action comes from hope.

When you’re that driven to bring about a specific outcome, you do what you have to and not too long after incredible things start to happen.

4. Solutions flow

When you’re stuck with a problem that’s hard to resolve, unnoticeably you end up hoping that is gets worked out.

What ends up happening is that your mind begins to sift through the different possible solutions for solving the problem. Before you know it you’ve got a couple ways to handle the challenging obstacle.

5. Taps into your genius

When you’re hoping for something to happen you really don’t have a clue how it will, but your mind still continues to work on that.

Being hopeful taps into different characteristics that you typically don’t use. You end up stretching yourself.

So don’t be surprised if you come up with something magnificent that solves your problem.

6. Commits you

Being hopeful connects you in a different way. You become tied into finding a way to make it work.

That commitment bonds you to your dream in a way that makes your focus and determination razor sharp.

7. It’s natural

This is probably the best part of being hopeful. It can make the whole process easier.

When you want something to work out that badly you need very little forceful motivation. You’re pretty much ready to go at any moment.

Often enough, your mind is constantly working on it in the background. That’s where that surprising epiphany comes from.

8. It allows you to move on

You have already experienced many circumstances where you are powerless and annoyed by your inability to change things. Being hopeful moves you away from that.

Hope allows you to focus inward and strengthen your character. You’re able to let go of what you can’t control and concentrate on what you can.

Being the Greatest

Stop thinking that you need some kind of concrete formula for success to validate your dreams. Having hope is good enough and actually a very good start.

Having that passion and hope for your dreams is a great indication that you’ll do what you have to to make it a reality.

Not everyone is going to understand your connection to it but that should not stop you.

It didn’t stop Jordan and he still managed to live his dream. Not too shabby for a hopeful young kid that was rejected by his high school team.

Embrace the challenge and believe in the unbelievable because your hope will help you overcome it, surprising your friends and yourself.


Tell me…

Do you have hope?




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  • Hi Lea, I can totally relate to that friend story. I find that doing things quietly helps me shield myself from the potential doubting or negative comments others might have for a seemingly wild idea. I would rather do something, and then tell other people about what I did than present my idea for judgment. I find that I am more likely to follow through on something when I don’t tell other people what I am doing, and I actually enjoy it more because I don’t feel external pressure to please others. I am filled with hope and it keeps me going. Great post!

    • Lea

      Hi Annie,

      I know exactly what you mean and do the same thing. If I feel like people really won’t get it I keep it to myself, not really saying anything until I’ve made progress or accomplished it completely. Then they can’t deny it.

      Sometimes it is just easier to preserve your positive energy and not have to fight off negativity. I’m with you 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your experience, visiting and commenting!


  • Hi Lea,

    While I do agree that hope is important, it can only take you so far. You, as a person, needs to take action and also make things happen. I know someone who’s been hoping for years to have a business, or find something that makes her money, but nothing pans out, Because she’s just there waiting and not taking any action.

    Not saying that everything you said isn’t correct, but that people need to have hope but they need to actually “do” as well.

    – Andrew

    • Lea

      Hi Andrew,

      Are you sure your friend actually has the feeeling of hope or just using the word? I mean you’re right, you do have to take action with anything thing that you want. Nothing can replace that. It’s part of the equation. But when you really have that feeling of hope it cultivates something in you to make taking action easier, even necessary, and generates ideas.

      Hope is definitely not an excuse to sitting around waiting for something to happen. Many of it’s benefits, as listed above, actually help you figure out what to do.


  • Lea

    Hi Carol,

    Thank you, I appreicate the feedback. That’s the funny thing about hope, it still sticks around when everything else is lost. So glad you hear you’re enjoying your life now.

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I can only hope that more people can soon appreciate hope as much as you do. It really is something special.

    Enjoy the week.


  • Hello Lea,

    This is my first time at your blog. Loved this post. So beautifully written and I could relate to most points mentioned. HOPE…I remember having no hope at all between the ages of 13-26…I felt caged in my own body. Having gone through lots of heartaches of all kinds I had stopped hoping for a better life. I started believing I was destined to live a life of mediacrity. Little did I know that if only I had HOPED things could have changed a lot earlier.

    Luckily my husband came into my life and breathed Hope in me again. It was just like a reincarnation. I felt truly alive and I wanted to dream big and live the life I always wanted. I must say today as I write this I know that I am true to myself, I have moved on from the circumstances that brought me down and I am challenging myself every single day. Will ever lose hope again? You bet. Never:)

    Thank you Lea for such a thought provoking post. Gave me the opportunity to reflect:) Wishing you a lovely weekend. Looking forward to future posts from you

    • Lea

      Hi Hema,

      Thanks for visiting and welcome. I’m glad you enjoyed the first post you’ve read here. Thanks for sharing your experience. All the times that I’ve lost hope were only temporary. If I had one thing left, hope would be it.

      So glad you were able to connect with one who could open your eyes to the possibilities. And it’s incredibly special when that person is your spouse. Truly the best kind of partner to have.

      Thanks you again for coming and commenting, hope to see you here again soon 🙂 I really appreciate it. Enjoy the week.


  • Wonderful post on hope, Lea! Sounds like you’re writing about the hope that strikes you in a deep moment of inspiration about your purpose here on Earth. This is a beautiful, uplifting and enduring form of hope. It really does all of the things you’ve listed above.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughts on hope.


    • Lea

      Thanks Jenn! Yes, definitely. Your passion, your dream, what makes you truly happy. Isn’t it amazing?

      Thanks for your kind words, really appreciated.


  • Lea

    Hi Samuel,

    I’m glad this came around for you at the right time. Hope is so powerful, it gives you an unexplainable connect with what you’re trying to achieve. You become more passionate about it while streching yourself and growing.

    Stay hopeful 🙂


  • HI Lea,

    This is beautiful. A very popular bible verse admonishes us to have hope always by saying that ‘a living dog is better than a dead lion’.

    What that means is that so far there is life, things can definitely get better if we have hope.

    The points you listed were remarkable. the example about Michael Jordan really drives home the points too.

    Thanks for sharing this.

    • Lea

      Hi Toby,

      Thanks, that’s really sweet of you to say. I appreciate you sharing that verse and making the connection.

      Hope is important to have. Generally it’s place in our lives is taken for granted too often.

      Thanks for commenting.


      • My pleasure Lea. I look forward to more awesome posts from you

  • Hi Lea
    Hope really plays an important role in building our greatness. I really love the way you have connected the story of a seed with our personal life. In the beginning, our thoughts and aspirations are like a seed only. With time, we generate positive results after having a faith in ourselves.
    Ya, we need nothing special. We have everything within us. We just need to boost up our inner spark to shine in all directions. Thanks for this wonderful article

    • Lea

      Hi Yatin,

      We sure do. And you have to start somewhere. Just because it’s a speck of hope in the beginning doesn’t mean it cannot transform into something much more.

      Right, hope is special enough, you just have to realize how powerful it is.

      Thanks for your insight 🙂


  • Hi Lea,

    This is really an uplifting post. It’s a perfect read for anyone who feeling a little unhappy with their current life.

    The ‘friend’ you spoke of at the beginning, I can really relate to and I know that feeling. I plan to write down all eight points and stick them on my white board at home because they are great reminders and top positive ways to start a new day!



    • Lea

      Hi Naomi,

      Thanks, I was hoping it would be.

      The ‘friend’ situation was kind of autobiographical. I too have been in that kind of situation, on different levels too. At first I was so shocked how people could be so candid in shooting down others’ dreams.

      Oh that’s great. I’m so glad you find them that helpful. If a printable pdf would be useful for you just shoot me an email (via the contact section) and I’ll be happy to send it to you.


  • Rachel

    Hey Lea,

    Yet again another great post, that lifts me. I enjoyed number five. It taps into your genius. I so agree with this. On a regular basis, especially with this blogging caper, I never know how it is going to work out. But I never give up. My writing process constantly surprises me towards the end. Like I have been working on a post for five days and the pressure is on, my deadline is about due. And just before I have to post, a word pops into my head that I needed, or a sentence comes to mind that really nails that paragraph I have been trying so hard to make sound better but I don’t know how to. And it appears.

    I can relate to ideas being shot down. When that happened it meant I didn’t really want it enough and that person could change the path. But now I welcome anyone to shot holes in my work because I want the food for thought. It won’t make me stop, but it may give me an idea or two.

    I think you really bought home what hope is all about. Because I can give you examples of all your points. Some I did not even recognise as hope. Thanks for a fabulous post Lea. Look forward to the next one.

    • Lea

      Hey Rachel,

      Thanks so much :-)!!!

      That’s great to hear! And I’m sure it’s exciting while you outpreform and continously surprise yourself. Yes!!! That’s definitely it. And you’re not alone, that happens to me too. Sometimes I even step away thinking about it in the back of my mind hoping to spark that very instance.

      Great perspective Rachel. You sound truly determined and open to criticism. You are on stoppable now!

      Thanks so much for your kind words. Good to know I was able to connect everything together.

      I look forward to chatting with you soon.


  • Truly inspiring Lea! In particular points 4 and 8 resonate for me. Last year was a time for me to understand what true hope, and faith, can do. Without those two things, then as you say, one could be left paralyzed. Thanks.

    • Lea

      Thanks Patricia! I’m so glad you related to my post. I love those aspects of hope because I think they keep you focused. No spinning your wheels stuck on the same thing, you’re moving forward instead.

      Thanks so much for sharing.


  • mark newsome

    Well score a couple of points for hope why don’t you Lea!LOL!

    You have certainly done an excellent job making the case!All of your
    points are truly inspiring, but I especially identify with #’s 1,3,5 & 7!

    And like you shared, it helped a shy young kid that I’m sure at the time,
    experienced a tremendous temporary emotional setback!

    But hope and some serious hard work and relentless dedication, helped
    propel him to NBA and sports royalty!

    Great job as always!Thanks for reminding us the true power of hope!

    • Lea

      Well, it really can help lol. I’m glad you identify with it’s benefits.

      I know, isn’t he a great example. Most people would’ve quit think that no one else would see their talent. But look at him now!

      Thanks so much, I appreciate your feedback!


  • Hi Lea

    What a thought provoking post

    Yes Hope does a lot of things for us. It drives to go past our comfort zones. It makes us to hang on and never give up even though the situation signals that we should surrender.

    I agree with all your points and I must say that this is a must read for every individual that wants to make a difference.

    Thanks for sharing..

    • Lea

      Hi Ikechi,


      Doesn’t it? Funny how hope does so much, most of which is gone unnoticed.

      It sure does. It’s the reason we can’t let go of something when other tells we should. It exercises the genius we started to doubt we had in us. It’s really an amazing thing.

      Thanks so much for your kind words, it’s really appreciated.


  • Hi Lea

    You are right and what a thought provoking post.

    Yes Hope does so much in our lives. I agree with all your points. Hope does drive us and

  • Hi Lea,

    What a great topic to ponder….hope. I like the way you used the analogy of Michael Jordan. We all have our hopes, but we need to take action on them. Even if it is a few baby steps at a time. Eventually we get to what is intended.

    I like #2 the best because we do need to be honest with ourselves. That can be quite the “struggle” but it is needed. We cannot base our hope on past “failures.”


    • Lea

      Hi Donna,

      Thanks. I think it was a good example of how having hope can help you transform into something much bigger.

      It definitely is. It’s easier to kid yourself around the process of achieving your dreams but it only leaves you frustrated in the end.

      Very true, hope cannot survive based on failures from the past.

      Thanks for sharing your insight.