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How to Integrate Your Goals into Your Habits

You do it regularly so you might as well make it worth it.

If you’re able to incorporate your goal into a habit you’ll have a better chance of achievement. You can integrate your goal in current habits or start new ones surrounding it.

The idea is really simple if you think about it. Let’s say you want to educate yourself on a new culture for an upcoming trip or any reason really. If you currently are in the habit of spending hours surfing the web or watching TV, you can adjust your focus when doing these things to that culture. For instance, instead of just watching whatever’s on TV look for programming about the topic or get a video and pop it in.

See you’re still continuing your same habit, it’s just better focused. It’s not difficult to implement and can make your time more productive.


Altering Your Habits

In order to change your practices you need to determine what they need to become. Examine your goal to identify what actions you need to take for accomplishment and where you can fit them in. If you’re lacking a place for a specific task then create one.

Consider these attributes when examining your habits:

Look at your daily habits – Habits that you practice each day are far easier to maintain and alter than those that are less frequent. You’ll have the opportunity every day to implement the change in behavior.

Make it easy – Don’t make your task overly complex. This would make it harder for you to maintain. If your course of action requires this, try to break it down into simpler pieces making it progressively complex.

Be precise – The details don’t stop with what you’re going to do. Break down the when, where and how of it all. Time is critical in creating or modifying a habit. It is also important when it comes to your goals. Include a time frame for the implementation of your new actions.

Saying that you’ll do something for a specific period of time isn’t really enough, like planning to do research for an hour daily. No, you can do better. Integrate it into your schedule. If you have a free our after work do it then. Make exact plans to conduct your search on your specific sub-topic from 4:30 to 5:30. Details are essential when you’re out to accomplish a goal.


Prepare for Interference

There are usually obstacles to creating new habits and behavioral patterns. Try to figure out these possibilities ahead of time so you can eliminate them as soon as possible.

For instance, if you’ve decided that you’re going to eat a healthy breakfast every day, get rid of all the breakfast junk food in your pantry and freezer. That junk food is an obstacle to successfully implementing your habit.

The obstacle might be time interference. Maybe your partner doesn’t usually leave you alone for 30 minutes every night so you can meditate, write, read or whatever it is you want to do towards your goal. Simply let them know ahead of time that you need be undisturbed during this time.


Look for More Supporting Habits

When you determine supporting habits that will help you reach your goal, consider going even deeper into the details to find habits that will help you accomplish your other new habits.

For example, if one of your new habits is to make it to the gym every morning by 6am, you can develop several supporting habits to help you establish this habit, such as:

  • Get out of bed by 5:15 am


  • In order to get up 5:15 am each day, you might need an additional habit of always being in bed by 10pm



  • Another supporting habit might be to pack your gym bag the night before

These supporting habits are monumentally important. Take time to think about what additional habits you can develop to support your efforts.


Enjoy Automatic Success

Once an action becomes a habit, you’ll do it automatically, without having to make the decision to do it each time. In other words, you’ll automatically move forward, day after day, toward achieving your goal until you reach it.

Just as counter-productive habits can keep you from success, supportive habits can practically guarantee your victory. So consider the habits that will best support you goals, put them into action on a daily basis, and enjoy you new success.


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