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How to Live with a Hopeful Attitude

When things aren't going so well in your life, how can you develop a more hopeful attitude? In a lot of ways, happiness in life is all about being hopeful that the future will bring good things.

Hopelessness is one of the most difficult emotions to deal with. After all, why should you even try when you don't even believe you've got any hope?

It may be hard to find hope or to develop a more hopeful attitude when things are so bleak, but it isn't impossible.

Remember this important thing: things may seem hopeless, but things will and can get better.

You might not think there's any hope, but circumstances change. We all face challenges and we've all got moments where we think there isn't any way out, but we'll come out of those moments okay if we don't give up.

We all feel down at times, because awful things can and will happen. However, you can cultivate an attitude of hopefulness.


Give these strategies a try:

1. Think of all the amazing things you've accomplished in life, whether big or small – Maybe you've recently learned how to drive, or maybe you've just earned a degree.

Let's look at a simple accomplishment: learning how to talk. Almost everyone learns to do it and it seems so easy, but when you really think about it, it's not an easy thing to learn.

When you were a baby, you began by making sounds that were unintelligible. After a couple of years, you're able to say a few words, although not very clearly.

After several more years, your vocabulary has grown and you know how to say a fair amount of words, although you have some problems with pronouncing some words. All this takes years of daily effort.

No matter what you're faced with, remember the amazing things you've accomplished in life. It should remind you that you are capable of working through things.


2. Be an optimist – You've met people who always seem to be positive no matter how bad things are. You can stick them in the middle of a really bad thunderstorm and they're going to say, "Things are beginning to clear up!"

You want to be in the company of these people. They're the ones you should spend most of your time because you want their optimism to rub off on you.

Tell them what you’re dealing with because they may have a new perspective that could direct you in the right path.


3. What activities inspire you? – There are many tools you can use. You can find inspiration from your faith, for instance. Simple things like watching your children play could be just the thing you need.

There are also plenty of books chronicling how some people triumphed. Read those books and be inspired.


4. Volunteer – When you volunteer to help hospice patients or the homeless, it can be a wake-up call to you that the things you're facing are not quite as hard as you thought in the first place.

Often, when you see for yourself how things can be difficult for others, you end up putting your situation in the proper perspective.


5. Be inspired by nature – For a lot of people, nature is a source of inspiration — from the ordinary spider webs to the most majestic waterfalls.

When you see how magnificent nature is, you'll realize that you can do remarkable things as well.


6. Have courage – Developing a hopeful attitude often requires courage to take your first step. You need to give yourself the opportunity to triumph over your challenges.


There's no stopping you from finding hope and having hope in your life if that is what you want. It will take hard work, but you should never give up.

Remember that you have many reasons to be hopeful. And if you feel that you can't get started on your own, there is no shame of turning to someone for help. There are many trained professionals who can help you get into the right mindset.


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