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How to Make Your Day a Great One

Life is constantly throwing us curve balls.

Take your typical day, for example. In one day, you'll experience many unexpected events that can stress you out, worry you, or frustrate you to death.

How could you have a great day if life is constantly making it so difficult for you to have one?

The answer is simple: you can choose to have a great day!

You get what you’re looking for whether you realize it or not. If you’re constantly looking for the bad you’re going to find it. If you’re trying to turn things around, an opportunity will present itself.

You may not have control of the various actions that play out during your day. But you have complete control on how things turn out. Believe me I started to see such a difference when I realized this.


These simple strategies should help you out:

Start your day with positive self-talk – As soon as you wake up in the morning, tell yourself that you'll have a great day.

Say this out loud to yourself and say it like you mean it. Consider this a pep talk. You're already making a conscious decision that your day is going to be a great one no matter what happens.


Take control of situations – You have the power to control your reactions to things and situations that could otherwise make your day an awful one for you.

Choose to not sweat the small stuff. If you're faced with a tough situation, do your best to get through it.

Don't let anyone or anything ruin your great day. Take a firm stand against negativity. If you refuse to let other people's negativity bring you down, you will have a great day.


Look at the big picture – You need to be able to recognize the things that truly matter and the ones that don't.

If you're faced with a difficult situation, take a step back and look at the big picture. Having a difficult time with a specific part of a project you're working on at the office? Realize that you've had a similar problem happen in the past and you got through it fine.

You'll come up with a solution if you give yourself time. It may not be today, but you will tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. In any case, you shouldn't let that ruin your day.

Besides, focusing on the negativity will prevent you from recognizing a solution when it surfaces.


Stay positive – Whatever challenge presented itself to you isn't the only thing you'll experience that day. There are other things you can focus on.

Who knows, today might be the day you'll be promoted. Perhaps on your way home, you won't encounter any red lights. Remember to appreciate the little things. Think positive and stay positive and your day is going to be great.


Treat every challenge as an adventure – Recall those times when you were disappointed or had an especially difficult time. You'll realize that a lot of those times were actually great opportunities for you.

So whenever you're faced with a challenge or difficulty, instead of saying, “This is just terrible!” turn that statement into, “I know there is something to learn here and this will sharpen my skills.”


Always look for the silver lining – Get into the habit of finding the positive in a difficult situation.

This isn't something you can easily do, especially if you're not used to being positive when you're faced with a potentially negative situation, but it will get easier as you keep practicing it. Don't get tired of looking for the silver lining. Stop thinking it isn't there, because it is, you just don’t see it yet!


Many things in life are sure to get you down, but they don’t have to take over your entire day. When it comes down to it, you have two choices: let yourself be overwhelmed by the curve balls life throws at you or resolve to have a great day no matter what.


What will you decide today? What kind of day will today or tomorrow be for you?






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