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How to Move Outside of Your Comfort Zone

There are times when you may not attempt to set a goal because it’s outside of your comfort zone. It may be in an area or on a higher level than you are accustom to or familiar with.

Stepping into new territory is how we grow as individuals. Trying new things and experiences is how we differentiate our likes from dislikes. It is also a great method to get us out of your stagnant ways.

These kinds of goals can vary from person to person. For one person it can be transforming a meaty, fast food filled diet to that of a vegetarian. Or, even a person who is completely financially dependent on another turning the tables by being able to take care of themselves and the person who supported them.

Many of us have goals that are not on the same playing field as others. Consider your dream anything; it can be car, home or career. Depending on where you are in your life you could be closer to it but at one point it was completely out of your comfort zone. Our dream goals are usually in an entirely different realm then we are used to. Not to mention, this differs between each of us. We all have our own desires and levels of comfort with it.

When you feel a particular goal is a challenge you may start to exhibit these behaviors:

Feeling physically sick – This can be as small as body aches and pains or displaying more intense signs of illness. This could be the same area of your body where you feel discomfort when you experience extreme nervousness.

Severe stalling – Procrastination may be commonplace for some of us but when you’re constantly putting off the first step and making no progress whatsoever, you’re definitely put off by something.

Distractions takeover – Allowing yourself to give into disruption and amusements is another sign, especially when you are not ordinarily interested in it. For instance, increasing the amount of television you watch just to avoid doing a task.

General opposition – Consider all of the symptoms we’ve just reviewed all at once or intensified. You let obstacles overcome you and hinder progress or inception.

Now that we’ve examine what could be holding you back, let figure out how to move forward.

A goal that is not routine for you doesn’t make it impossible. You are still very capable of reaching it. Consider this process to march down the road of progress, step out of your comfort zone and into your dream goal.

Put it in writing – This is a good way to capture your view of the experience. Jot down in a notebook why you want it, how reaching it would make you feel and what you would benefit from it. You can always review it to remind yourself when things get difficult or when you need motivation. Or add to it when new advantages are revealed to you.

See it – Also record the look of your completed goal. If you’re changing your diet what influence would it have on your appearance or behavior. Perhaps you want to buy a home, document what your ideal house would look like, feel like and be like for you and your guests.

Seek coaching – Expand your circle, get to know people who are on the same path or have already been there. They were once where you are and can be informative and supportive. For example, people seeking to change their diets can find like-minded people at specialty eateries and supermarkets.

Plan ahead – Once you’ve clarified exactly what you want and even received some guidance, create a plan for achievement. Set up a preliminary strategy for action. You can change it as you go, just as long as it still gets you to where you want to be. Review your notes taken during the first two steps of this process to maintain momentum and greater clarity.

Keep track of your actions and feelings as you take these steps into unknown territory and move in on your goal. If you find yourself falling back into a place of negativity, get back into your notebook and stay there until your comfort with the thought of it has become positive.

Your dreams do not have to stay dreams. Just because you don’t feel that good about it now doesn’t mean that you can’t feel great about it later. Your goals may not be a perfect fit with your current circumstance but that’s fine. This shows that you desire to grow and want more for yourself.

Effectively handling your negative feelings and counterproductive actions allow you to become in alignment with it therefore turning your dream into a reality.

Use this process to expand your comfort zone and number of accomplishments. Anything is possible even if you don’t think so now.


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