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Improve Your Self-Talk

Whether we realize it or not we all engage in self-talk. This would be the little mumblings and murmurings you say to yourself.

Many of us are conditioned to talk to ourselves when things are not going so well or when we don’t feel good about something. This is not a problem, depending on what you are muttering to yourself. If you’re putting yourself down or pointing out the negative, then you need to change your self-talk. You should be your own cheerleader.

Self-talk is more powerful than you may think. Talking to yourself in any manner influences your subconscious, your behavior and your belief system, especially the beliefs about yourself.

You should be praising and uplifting yourself. By improving your self-talk you’ll be able to motivate yourself verbally. Your feelings about yourself will improve, causing your confidence to increase and you’ll feel good about approaching your goals.

Improved self-talk is possible and can be applied to anyone. You don’t need to embellish or make things up, just simply follow these tips.

Be real – There’s no need to lie, to gain comfort with yourself you need to be honest. If you don’t feel you performed your best on a particular assignment don’t beat yourself up about it. Instead coach yourself to do better on your next task. Life is a journey and progress is in order. You have the opportunity to improve so remind yourself of that.

Don’t criticize – As noted, you should be honest but being brutal isn’t necessary. You can be your harshest critic so be mindful of your speech. You can acknowledge your faults in a helpful manner. You don’t even have to verbally recognize your error, just tell yourself how you should and will handle it in the future.

Be positive – If you’re talking to yourself in a derogatory manner, you’re setting yourself up. Negative self-talk is self-sabotage. As mentioned earlier, this influences your subconscious and programs your mind. Consider this, if you hear the same thing repeatedly, you’ll start to believe it. So keep yourself up by keeping it positive.


Be kind – You’re nice to other people, right? So why not be kind to yourself? Talk to yourself in a manner that you would like someone else to speak to you. Be considerate of your own emotions. Believe me you’ll benefit from it.

Emphasize your strengths – If you listen to yourself you’ll notice that you make a lot of comments about yourself on any given day, without even realizing it. You may question yourself in a counterproductive way or even insult yourself. This isn’t going to help you when you’re trying to move onward and upward.

When you don’t feel you’re performing very well, acknowledge your strengths thus far. Remind yourself what you have been able to do successfully up to that moment. This process can even help you come up with a useful alternative to your problem.


Here are a few examples to help you get the gist of transforming your speech:

Instead of saying, “Nothing ever works out for me,” say, “I’m going to find a way to turn this around.”

Rather than, “I waste so much time that I don’t have a minute for….” try, “I’m going to adjust my schedule to fit this….in.”

Don’t say, “There’s nothing special about me,” instead say, “Everyone is different and this make unique.”


Now that you know how your talk about yourself affects your beliefs and behavior change it. Make your self-talk motivating and inspiring. Implement the tips you’ve just reviewed. You can build a road to the life of your dreams by improving your self-talk.


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