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Don’t Let This Year Be Like Last Year

What happened to your New Year's Resolutions? Or did you even bother to take a stab at any this year?

Every time the New Year rolls around everyone starts talking about their "new year, new me" mantras. People start making life goalslists filled with all the things they're going to accomplish this year.

Really, that sounds familiar, what happened last year? …Nothing.

Do you have some type of progressive resolutions that have to be tackled in a certain order? Is that why every New Year sounds the same?

Probably not. You probably don't even remember last year's resolutions. Unless, you've recycled them year after year and you're doing that because you can't seem to get them completed.

The New Year is a perfect time to reinvent yourself because it's easier to keep track of your progress along with everything else that is starting again.

But typically before the first month of the year has even ended resolutions have fizzled out. You're no longer making any attempt.

You forgot about your gym membership until the bill arrives and you've already ditched the latest diet fad and hitched your cart back to the see-food diet. And just like that you're back to the old you. The new you had a life span about as long as a fruit fly.

The year ends and during a moment of reflection while anticipating the new year, you realize you've wasted about 365 days because you didn't do anything you set out to do.

Putting things off further doesn't make it easier. It makes it seem that much harder. At this point you keep coming up with excuses as to why you can't do it now, why it’s better to wait. But really, it's not better.

As the years past you'll start to realize that you didn't do anything that matter to you. You didn't live your life the way you wanted to. Geez, you didn’t live at all, you merely existed.

I'm pretty sure you don't want to be sitting in a nursing home one day filled with resentment and regret.

Here are 5 Steps to end the shoulda, woulda, couldas and make this your most accomplished year yet:


1. Make a list

Jot down all the things you want to do in life. Don't limit yourself. Just write down your dreams and desires.

Your list might include learning another language, volunteering, eating healthier, starting a business, becoming certified, joining an association, learning a sport, getting a stamp in your passport or even getting a passport, completing your degree, learning to ride a horse. Whatever, jot it down.

Your dreams and desires are worth consideration and definitely worth an attempt if it's something you truly want to do.


2. Decide which you're going to do, now

Determine which ones you're going to tackle this year. Highlight or circle the life goals that you can actually complete this year.

For example, you might dream of having your own house but that goal would be a huge leap from your parent's basement. With goals like that you may need to take baby steps, like becoming more independent financially then getting your own apartment.

Stay open-minded and don't get discouraged if something seems unlikely for this year. Just because you can't reach those life goals this year doesn't mean that you cannot do something to bring you a step or a few closer for later.


3. Determine what it's going to cost you

Some dreams are free and some are going to cost you. And not just money either.

Out of your selections estimate a cost for each one. What is it going to take or take from you to do this? A couple hundred dollars or a relationship. Some of your dreams may not fit for your current situation. You have to decide if it's worth the sacrifice or maybe attempt another time.

Getting back to the money aspect. If your goal is out of your current price range set up a budget to save up the money.


4. Do your homework

Do some research, if necessary, to determine if there are any prerequisites, things that you should do or have to do before you can attempt or complete the goal.

For instance, if you plan on getting your passport to travel internationally, make sure you have all of your proof of identity documents ready to go. Otherwise, if you don't have a birth certificate or some other record, that hiccup can disrupt your plans.


5. Grab a calendar

This is when things get serious.

Establish a timeline. Consider each goal and the steps you'll have to take to complete it, add them to your calendar.

You can tackle a new goal every month or space them out as some life goals may take some time to accomplish.

While you're scheduling your upcoming year, keep in mind that you will continue with your normal tasks and responsibilities, like working and maintaining your home.

Instead of lying around doing nothing important, this year you'll be taking advantage of your spare time by constructively focusing on something meaningful.

If your goals happen to involve other people, like friends and family, talk to them about planning those activities before putting a deadline on them.

If others are included in the goal you cannot expect them to contribute to the success of it when they don't know about it. Let them know that you're serious, you what to nail it down and schedule it.

When you have a clear plan and bring it to life you reach levels of contentment you never knew. You’ll finally know the feeling of life purpose and satisfaction.

Share your plans with someone you can trust. Encourage them to do the same. There's nothing like being able to share the joys of a great year with someone who is enjoying theirs as well. You can also look to this person as a source of support.

Your life goals are worth achieving and dreams should be experienced.

No more talking about what you should've done and how you might do it next year. Nope, not you. You'll be happily living your list and making each month one to remember.

Life doesn't get any better than that. You never know, this year could change your life forever!


What are your life goals? What have you been putting off?




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