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5 Reasons Why You’re Not Living the Dream

living the dream

We all have a vision for our lives. It may not be crystal clear but you know what you want, the basic idea of it. And it's probably quite different from your current situation.

From time to time you think about living the dream, how you imagined your life. But you can't seem to get passed that. All you seem to do is think about it. You're not getting any closer to it.

Your thinking about closing the gap in between but again you can't make any progress. Why not? Why aren't you there or at least getting a little closer?

Life is difficult enough as it is but when you're doing things to make it harder on yourself it seems impossible.

When you're trying to figure out why things aren't coming together the way you need them to, first take a look at yourself.

I know it seems ridiculous, how could you be the problem, you want this dream. No, it must be something else.

But humor me for a moment. Looking within yourself is one of the most effective yet difficult things you can do to affect change.

It's hard because you shoulder the blame. The last thing you want to realize is that you are the reason why you have to embellish about you do for a living. That it’s your fault there's nothing but lint and a stale piece of gum in your wallet.

I'm not trying to steer you into a place of depression but one of power. Taking responsibility, in part or in whole, is empowering and effective.

It may not seem like it at first but if you want a job you can be proud of and some kind of disposable income you have to do something about it. No one is going to do it for you. This is your power.

If you blame Starbucks for making their Frappuccinos so delicious that you can't help but get one and their prices so high you can't add a scone to your order, then there's nothing else you can do.

It's completely their fault and you can't do anything about it, and you certainly can't stop going there. No, absolutely not.

But what if you took action to get a better job, you’d get paid more then you could afford a complete breakfast.

You get it, when you take responsibility for your part you can do something about it.

Otherwise oblivious to you, you'll continue to make things harder on yourself which prevents you from making any real progress.

It would only be a matter of time before depression starts rearing its ugly head. Or you'll become oddly comfortable being unhappy and all efforts would be put towards spreading misfortune.

Dr. Joe Vitale says, "The fastest way to get where you want is to be happy with where you are." Sounds absurd doesn't it. But he's right.

If you're miserable about your current situation and focus on the negative you are draining your energy. You can't even think about doing anything else, even if it has to do with your goals.

You have to change your focus to stay motivated. Stop focusing on wishing things were different or what you would do if things were different. Instead, do something that will make it different.

While you're moving ahead reflect on your progress. Think about all that you've done to get a step closer. Concentrating on your accomplishments will keep you going.

As you close the gap between the now and the dream, you'll find a sense of happiness and pride in yourself.

But first, you have to stop doing these things. They are the reasons why you're farther from your dream than ever before.

1. You're ungrateful

What do you have to be grateful for right? You goals are still dreams. You haven't achieved any of them yet.

You might think that gratitude has a better place after you've accomplished or received something, but you're wrong.

There are many things to be appreciative of before you even embark on something. Be happy for the little things.

The last time I went to the city, in the snow I saw a woman going through a store's trash on the sidewalk. I realized she was collecting the plastic bottles to cash in. At that moment I became even more appreciative.

2. You're a pessimist

If you view the glass as half full it's just that much closer to being empty to you.

What does that mean exactly? It means you won't even make the effort.

When you expect the worst to happen, you just sit back and wait for it. You don't bother to prevent it or come up with a plan B.

It was doomed from the start so what's the point. You may even have pleasure in saying I told you so.

You need to be optimistic when striving to achieve goals so you can see them through.

When you're trying to do something challenging, optimism will make it easier.

Being positive enhances your motivation. It keeps you going and going.

3. You only see dark clouds

When bad things happen you take it to the extreme.

Of course there will be times when things don't go your way but that doesn't mean they can't be turned around. But it does to you.

When misfortune strikes you allow the negativity to take over your life. The next thing you know everything is falling apart.

You're a complete victim of circumstance. You're standing there helpless just like Chicken Little.

Sounds a bit like pessimism right? Well the difference is you don't just have a negative view, you seek out negativity. Instead look for the silver lining you look for deeper issues.

Everything happens for a reason. Most likely you are benefiting in some way from this misfortune. Even if you don’t see it then, know that it is.

Look for that in lieu of more problems, it will get you farther.

4. All you do is dream

You don't take any action. You spend your time thinking about how you want things and how they should be for you to do something.

If you wait around for the right moment, you'll be waiting forever. Make the moment right. Do something now that will make things easier. So tomorrow when you take action toward your goal it’s simpler.

Do something! If you don't do anything you shouldn't be surprised that nothing has changed.

5. You expect instant gratification

And why shouldn't you? It happens to stars all the time, right? Some nobody you've never heard of is now staring in the latest movie.

You probably don't know them because you didn’t recognize them from the bit parts they had in various commercials and TV shows before hitting the big screen. Turn out they were not the overnight successes you assumed.

Everyone has to pay their dues and start small. Honestly, that's probably the best way.

Break your goal down into small pieces. Transform your huge dream into small actionable goals.

It will take some time but you'll get what you desire. And you'll do it all without overwhelming yourself.

If you're guilt of any of these things, own it and change it. You have to if you want to start living the dream.

Begin overturning one each week. Each day focus on changing that trait. As the week progresses it should become more natural to you.

The following week, implement another while continuing with the first. In about a month this should all be a thing of the past.

Once your perspective and mindset has changed making progress towards your dream will be simpler and life will be better.

You already have much of what you need. You just have to believe in yourself and even your circumstance. Nothing should be able to hinder you.

Success is inevitable once you acknowledge your resources and use them properly.


Which one of these are you guilty of? Or does this sound like the old you, how'd you get over it?




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  • Yes, we should keep patience if we are new to working field. Because it can be take some or long time to generate money! Love for post..

    Thanks for sharing

    • Lea

      The best things take time! Nothing meaningful happens in an instant.

      Thanks for stopping by Diana!

  • The thing I love about your first point–gratefulness–is that so many studies have shown that showing gratefulness for what you have is one of most surefire ways to become happier. I can’t think of a better way to become inspired than to enjoy yourself along the way! Great post.

    • Lea

      Thanks Chris!

      So many people over look what they have, just focusing on what they don’t. We all have quite a few things to be grateful for and that would make anyone happy.

      Thanks for sharing again!