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How You Can Squeeze Me Time into Your Crazy Days

When was the last time you just sat down and relaxed? It's probably been a while.

me timeNo wonder you feel overwhelmed and that everything is spiraling out of control. There's always something to tackle.

With life being jam packed with a never ending to-do list, it seems like you don't have a minute to yourself. You probably haven't taken a break because you feel like there isn't time for it.

There are times when I'm working that it doesn't even seem like I can take the 5 minutes I need to make a phone call. Then that does uncompleted. But I still have to do it so I try to fit it in later.

You would think when you get home things would slow down a bit, compared to the hustle of work, but they really don't. There's a ton of things for you to do at home.

You've got to pick up dry cleaning, take the dog out and eat. But before you can eat you have to cook, which includes making a mess before completing the meal. In the end you'll have much more to do before the day is through.

You might think that relaxing for 15 minutes just takes time away from something else you could be doing, like putting away the laundry you cleaned two days ago. That explains why you haven't done it.

However, you still feel stressed and your to-do list is as long as ever. So what are you really doing? Driving yourself nuts is what you’re doing.

You have to take time for yourself, you're just as important as, if not more than, your tasks. You're going to run yourself ragged if you continue on this way.

Everyone wants a sense of peace and control over their lives. You'll never achieve that if you constantly take on projects without finishing what you already have on hand, especially if you don't get to rest.

Soon enough you'll begin to feel like you're busy doing nothing. Like you're constantly doing things but cannot see the completion of it, the entire day you were going stuff but you feel like you accomplished nothing. Your stress levels will skyrocket, stamina plummet and you'll be unhappy and depressed.

All because you couldn't give yourself less than a half an hour of your own time! You can't add any more hours in the day and there's no sense in complaining about it since it won't change.

The only thing you can do is get creative with your use of time and figure out different ways to take five. But you don't even have to do that because I did it for you.

Check out these tips to rejuvenate yourself with some me time during your crazy days:

1. Pencil it in

Why not? You schedule everything else, Susie's soccer game and lunch with your friends. Clearly you respond to a schedule so take advantage of this.

Your priorities are listed in your date book and if you want to keep your sanity this little task should join the ranks.

Stick to this appointment as you would any other.

2. Use your break for more than lunch

Your lunch break doesn't have to be just spent on eating. You can do other things during the time as well, non-work related things.

Spend the rest of your break time doing something that relaxes you. Just forget about work for the rest of that time.

And if you have the type of job where you can eat as you work, you can turn your lunch break into a free for all. I used to do this by sitting in my car listening to music or taking a walk around the building.

3. Take 10

Actually 15 minutes might be better.

When you get home from work your probably have to adjust roles, going from employee to head of the house. Make this transition easier by taking a small break in between.

When you walk in the house head straight for your room and change your clothes, work clothes can be so binding and carry the mental stress of the office. Then take 15 minutes to breathe before heading to the kitchen to cook or getting Billy started on his homework.

If you don't know what do during this time, as your other tasks await you, just lie on your bed and do nothing. Trust me it'll feel great. Don't even bother to turn the TV on. Just enjoy the silence and lack of movement.

Before you start using this strategy let your family in on it. Make sure they have a clear understanding that you just need a few minutes to yourself to avoid hurt feelings. They need to know that you are not avoiding them and how to respect your me time.

I tend to do this myself at the end of the night because my weekdays aren't that chaotic but there are definitely days on the weekend where I need to recoup between tasks.

4. Nap time is for resting

If you have young kids that take naps during the day take a break while they're resting.

You might think it's a better use of time to get other things done. But really it’s not. Considering how crazy things get when you're kids are up and running around, this might be your only chance to breather.

Besides, you don't have to spend the entire nap on me time. Chances are your kids will sleep longer than 30 minutes so you can take a break and get back to your tasks.

You'll be able to get more done with your newfound energy anyway.

Enlist your kids help around the house. When they wake up, get creative and make chores interesting, make it a game. Then they can have fun, you can get things done and they'll be all tuckered out for a good night's sleep.

5. Run to your bed

Get there earlier. If you need more me time, perhaps in the morning, go to bed a little earlier. This will make it easier to get up in the morning while giving you a cushion of extra time.

Think about how much more enjoyable your breakfast would be if you weren't eating it while running out of the front door.

6. Plan a staycation

You don't have to go far away to get some rest. Plan a vacation day to do whatever you'd like.

I do this randomly. When things are really nuts, you just need a day of rest, some time away from it all.

Take the day to spend on your hobbies, spa day or something else you find relaxing. Just don't look at your to-do list, focus on enjoying yourself.

 You're probably thinking about your daily routine now thinking this might be impossible but it really isn't. Here are some really practical ways to pull it off without putting yourself behind.

You can take a break with out completely disrupting your entire system. Don't try to employ all of them in one stroke. Try one at a time. Your chaotic day cannot too much dramatic change without seeming like it’s going to collapse.

Once the tip you have implemented becomes a part of your routine, come back and try another and another. Just keep adding them until having me time becomes natural.

Taking a break for yourself puts you in a better position to handle your responsibilities. You'll be less stressed, farther from depression and you won't feel like you're constantly worked without having any enjoyment.

As long as you have more me time, you'll have more energy and a tighter grasp on your sanity. Enjoying the good things that are wrapped up in your crazy life will be that much easier.


How stressed are you? Do you feel like you have a sense of peace and control? How do you get me time?




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  • Hi Lea,

    Wonderful post indeed, something that I really needed to read ๐Ÿ™‚

    Taking out that ME time is what we need, though somehow it never really happens no matter how hard we try. Something or the other comes in the way, especially with kids and a family to see it. If it’s not one thing, then it’s the other – or you have work piled up along with your blog and the numerous other tasks.

    Often times the weekends too just pass by and you never really get the break you need, so it adds up to yet another tedious week. You mentioned some great ways and I think taking frequent breaks, even if its to do your chores around the house or perhaps cook, which takes you away from your usual work is a good time away – keeps your mind away as they say. Honestly speaking, just doing nothing and relaxing….that kind of a me time – been ages since I had that, so this is a good reminder because I think we all need more of that. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Lea

      Harleena, I’m happy that this post found it’s way to you!

      You’re exactly right. I still have things to do that I tended from last week but if I didn’t take a moment for myself I’d be done by now, completely stressed.

      I think it just comes down to scheduling. Once you figure out the right balance you can do what you need and amongst other things. You can even schedule in a cushion for the unexpected. And if nothing comes up, you’ve got more me time! ๐Ÿ˜›

      Enjoy your week as well and thanks for stopping by.

  • These are all such awesome tips Lea ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve been exploring the idea of becoming more productive for a little while, and something interesting I’ve discovered is that the way to become way more productive is to take more breaks, not less of them.

    I think a lot of folks think that by taking a few minutes just for themselves that they’re giving up precious time, but those minutes are totally invaluable in helping you recharge your batteries to take on the day and get even more done ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Lea

      Chris I realized the same thing as well. Running yourself ragged just diminishes the quality of your work and stresses you out.

      Yes, I used to think that myself. I like it was time I was taking from another task. You definitely get it.

      Thanks for sharing!