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How to Quickly Resolve Life’s Challenges with Self-Discipline

Taking a direct approach may be uncomfortable for you if you're looking to resolve any life challenges. This approach usually calls for more courage, stamina, and self-discipline than what most of us are used to exhibiting.

But then again, the majority of us know deep inside that if we could just push ourselves to take a direct course of action, any challenge we're facing would be easily and quickly resolved.

Here are a couple of scenarios to consider:

Do you want to get rid of excess pounds?

A direct solution is to restrict your daily calorie intake to just 2,000 calories and exercise for an hour every day. If you stick to this weight loss solution, you're bound to lose a lot of weight.

However, do you think that many people can actually stick to this program for at least 3 months?

For me it’s difficult just to think about. I mean who doesn’t love food, right?

Let's suppose you want to go on a date with a gorgeous woman. A direct solution is to be where many women are and then start asking until you find someone who agrees to go out with you.

See how simple this solution is? It does require a huge dose of courage, though!


Simple Solution for Life's Greatest Dilemmas

Come to think of it, most of life's biggest challenges have solutions that are rather simple.

The one big challenge is determining how to be the kind of person to use a direct approach. Many of us try to come up with ways to get around our lack of courage or discipline.

Thus, when it comes to personal development, the most important areas involve developing self-discipline and having the willingness to take action even when you're scared to death.

As you develop these two qualities, you'll find that you get better at implementing direct solutions. You won't need to come up with non-direct ways to solve challenges.


The Challenge of Taking the Direct Approach

Although taking the direct approach to addressing challenges may be reassuring because you can be sure they'll work, it can be a bit daunting.

Taking action seems so hard even when you know the obvious solution is right there in front of you. So how come the direct approach is so overwhelmingly daunting?

Here's what you can do: think about one of your current challenges and then consider a direct solution to that challenge.

Are you willing to follow through on this direct solution? Do you have the willingness to become the kind of person that will consistently take the direct approach?

What if your answer is a big no? Then you should realize that you are your own challenge, because there's an obvious solution — you just aren't willing or prepared to take it.

This isn't something that's easy to admit. You may finally be aware that you choose to be shy or undisciplined. You may feel uncomfortable with this realization, but it might be just the kick you need to push you toward taking action and initiate changes that will make your life better and you happier.


Practicing Direct Solutions

It's true that with practice comes perfection — or at least, practice makes is so much easier to achieve what you want.


These tips should help you learn how to use the direct approach when it comes to dealing with life's challenges:


1. Practice every day – All through the day, do tasks you could do faster or better if you take a direct approach.


2. Challenge yourself – Make a list of tasks that challenge you and then dare yourself to complete those tasks.

The tasks should be things that would benefit you if you were to do them. What this does is boost your motivation and direct approach skill.


3. Deal with more complex challenges – Identify a complex challenge and break it down in easier tasks. When you tackle each of these one by one, you'll resolve the complex challenge.

Continue practicing this every day so you get accustomed to taking the direct approach to resolving problems or addressing issues.


Be honest in evaluating direct solutions to the challenges you face, as doing so offers you many opportunities for personal growth.

Taking the direct approach is the fastest way for you to achieve your goals and it gives you opportunities to take a much closer look at yourself. And we could all benefit from that.




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