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Reach Your Goals in Just 15 Minutes a Day

At times we’ve all been guilty of overestimating what we can get done in a given day and the number of projects we can work on at one time. Your goal may seem like it’s doable in a short period of time. That is until you realize that you’ve got a million other projects going on at the same time. On the other hand, some projects can seem so large that you don’t ever get started on them. You keep putting it off and procrastinating further until you don’t even think much about doing it anymore.

You’re not going to feel like you are making any progress if you don’t spend any time on working on your goal. By just dedicating a few minutes a day to completing a task that will get you closer to your goals you’ll feel differently.

You may think that 15 minutes isn’t much but it actually is enough time to make some progress daily. Yet, it’s not too much time to take away from your busy schedule. You may also be wondering, how long will my goals take to complete if I’m only spending 15 minutes a day on them. And the answer is less time than if you were to never have started them. This 15 minute block is a way to get the ball rolling, get you in the habit of working regularly and build momentum until to see something through to the end.


Make the Minutes Count

The best way to make sure you are making the most of those 15 minutes is to have a plan. If you want to write a book or draft a report, make an outline so that you can jump into any section whenever you have the time. If that is not possible, spend one of your 15 minute increments dividing the goal into smaller, more practical pieces. At a glance, it may not seem like this would work but it really does make things easier for you, so try it.

It also helps to get into a routine, once you become accustom of doing something it becomes natural, and you may even feel weird when you don’t do it. If you have some extra time in the evenings, use this time for your goals. If you’re the kind of person who is constantly on the go, carry a notebook or use your smartphone to work on your goal whenever you have a free moment. This could be while you’re waiting at the doctor’s office to be seen, at the service shop waiting on your car, traveling in a taxi or whenever the moment presents itself.

You may also find it helpful to share your goals with a friend or partner. Doing this guides you because they can help keep you accountable and advocate your progress. If you would rather keep your goal to yourself, you can keep a journal of your progress to measure your efforts and reflect on your progress so far. Do whatever works for you and makes you comfortable.


Really, it Works

Think about it, when do you feel the most successful and happiest? It’s when you’ve accomplished something. Think about a goal can bring you much joy but the feeling of completion and even progress towards it is incredible.

Even if you’re not doing much, you’re still doing something to get closer. That should be enough for you to stop beating yourself up and begin to feel proud that you’re taking action.

You can carve out 15 minutes of your day to get a little something done, especially if it’s for your goals. Stop making excuses, get started today!



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  • Great article. I agree that after achieving a goal feels great. It also feels great when setting it and being able to see into the future having accomplished the goal. To me, that is a great motivator! Thanks. =)

    • Lea

      I completely agree with you. It can be so exciting and invigorating. That’s what I focus on when progress gets tough.