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How You Hit the Glass Ceiling in Life and How to Break It

self limiting

You can see that there’s more out there, but you can’t reach it.

You know that it exists, but you can’t touch it.

You’re pushing and pushing and pushing, but you’re not getting anywhere.

In fact, you’re getting incredibly frustrated and feeling kind of claustrophobic.

Going down isn’t an option but you can’t seem to go up either. It’s like there’s something right there stopping you.

It’s starting to become physically painful.

That’s because your face is pressed against the glass and your neck is breaking.

No matter what you do, you can change your position but you still can’t get through.

You’re stuck underneath this invisible glass just dying to get out.

Trapped Under It All

It’s so annoying.

I mean it’s not like you haven’t tried. You’ve been wanting to make progress.

You don’t like where you are.

You’ve tried things here and there but things still seem to be the same.

Some improvement here but then it drops off somewhere else.

Instead of thriving, you’re just surviving.

Drifting along like an empty boat down a river.

But why?!

Why, isn’t anything working? It’s worked for other people.

So why are you stuck?

It’s because of your basic beliefs and actions. Theirs were different.

Break in the Case of Your Life

This glass ceiling reminds me of those fire extinguishers you see enclosed boxes in the walls of public buildings.

With the sign right over the glass window that says break in case of emergency.

Well, this is your life, time is ticking by every moment and you’re becoming more agitated day by day.

I would say that constitutes a life emergency. After all, your happiness is at stake. 

Now, in this case there’s no little hammer on the side to break through but you can accomplish the same thing, on a deeper level, by changing your core.

If you change what’s inside you can change your actions, your beliefs and your thoughts. That’s what’s really keeping you grounded where you are.

Changing the inside will have a profound effect on the outside.

Well, you’ve stood around long enough, let’s get to it.

1. Be real

Stop kidding yourself.


I’ll admit it, most of us do. We live in this fantasyland where we can rewrite our past and beautifully construct our future.

But it’s all an illusion.

The only way your future can be as bright as you picture it is by realizing where you are starting from.

Being real about your present situation and living wisely will put you closer to where you want to be. Instead of trapping you deeper in La La Land.

The world stops for no one so don’t let your life pass you by. Take the appropriate steps now for a for your future.

Remember, it’s not just going to happen for you simply because you dreamt it.

2. Nurture your temple

Your body is a temple and needs to be treated as such.

You ever notice that when you don’t take care of yourself it becomes even harder to take of anything else?

Think about it. When you don’t get enough rest you’re exhausted and achy. You can’t stay awake or even motivate yourself to do the simplest things.

And that’s just the start of it. The further you don’t care for yourself and your body the worse things get.

Not just physically either. It begins to take a negative toll on your emotions.

You tend to overreact and lash out.

Sound familiar?

Take care of your body and it’ll take care of you.

3. First be thankful

When you thinking about all of the things you have to do first thing in the morning, being thankful never seems to make the list.

And I guess that’s fine as long as it comes naturally. But does it?

Take the time each morning to express gratitude for what you have and what is going well for you.

You may not realize it but the morning is a good time to focus on things like this because that’s the time you tend to do a lot of mundane and mindless tasks that you could complete blindfolded.

How many times have you started the shower, made coffee and emptied the dishwasher? You don’t need to focus too hard to get it right.

And you do it every day so you’ve got it down pat.

So do it then, it’ll improve your mood and start your day off on a high note.

4. Stop worrying about your problems

Cause that’s all you’re doing.

You end up being consumed by them. Then worry transforms to anxiety to the point where you can’t even function.

You might as well get down on the floor, hugging your legs and rocking back and forth because you’d be accomplishing the same thing… nothing.

You’re just raising your blood pressure and your stress.

If you’re having trouble with something focus on fixing it or finding a way to prevent it next time. Focusing on the fact that it exists just makes it a bigger problem.

And that’s not what you want.

5. Affirm it

Sometimes it’s just hard to shake negative beliefs.

You can try what seems like everything in the world and they’ll still creep through.

But that doesn’t mean you should give in to it, you just need to be ready to change your mind to something more positive.

Affirmations are a good way to move your thoughts away from negativity and prevent them before they even start.

Negativity leads to negative emotions and experiences. Positivity does the opposite.

Positive affirmations can change your experience and your world.

6. Look at yourself

Yeah, I said it.

The problem starts with you anyway.

There’s a reason why you feel like you’ve plateaued, and your beliefs are to blame.

You probably think you can’t get any further, that you’ll never find a way out, that this is it.

Stinking thinking like that is what has gotten you where you are, stuck.

Evaluate your beliefs, these and the others like them. Question them.

Chances are it’s all a bunch of bologna.

And to think, you’ve been letting that guide you for how long?

*Mind Blown*

Now think about how far you can get once you ditch that way of thinking… you’re welcome J

7. Stay on top of it

If you really think that you’re just going to have a major epiphany, like life will just change immediately, you’re being a bit delusional.

Real change doesn’t happen like that. You know that so don’t kid yourself. (Go back to #1.)

If you really want to have a breakthrough you have to keep truckin’ along.

How do you do that?

By keeping track of what you’re thinking.

See your thoughts come and go so naturally you may not even realize how you came to think about a certain topic. It just happens, at least by the time it hits you.

By keep track you can catch yourself when you start to think about the wrong things.

Old habits are easy to fall back into. This will make things a little tougher… but eventually second nature.

8. Woosah it out

Life has its ups and downs. No amount of positive thinking is going to change that.

But it’s not so much that life has its challenges, it’s how you handle them.

That’s what makes the difference. It can change the duration of the challenge and the severity of it.

To make sure you’re in the best mental space to tackle these types of challenges appropriately is to meditate.

Yes, no matter when you do it it calms you down and centers you.

There are going to be times when you feel like you have to do it in the moment but doing it once a day, at any time, will help you to stay level headed and serene.

Shattering the Ceiling

You may not realize it but your core belief system is what essentially guides you.

It determines whether you’re able to sort out your issues or find that loophole you so desperately need to continue on. It basically marks your success.

Hanging on to your current core means always hitting your head against a glass ceiling, constantly moving around but never really going anywhere.

Changing your core beliefs will lead you down the road of positivity.

When your beliefs change your thoughts follow and your actions show it.

Starting from a positive place opens up opportunities and shatters anything in your path.

This change is your hammer, its time you use it.


Tell me…

Where do you feel trapped right now?



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  • Hey Lea,

    I know all about that glass ceiling. I’ve gone through many times when there seemed to be NO wiggle room in a situation I was in. I would accept the current state of things (like you mentioned), and if nothing else, it would calm the turbulence.

    For me, the thing that has helped me the most was to just stick with what I naturally enjoyed doing. This way, even if results were far off or seemingly impossible, at least there was some light in my life.

    Sharing 🙂

    • Lea

      Hey Dana,
      Thanks so much for sharing. Good to know that what I was describing was relatable. And what you’re saying makes so much sense to me.

      Glad you found the silver lining and was able to focus on it. Thanks for sharing (pun intended) 🙂

  • Stella Chiu

    Hi, Lea

    Great points are here. Yes, life consists of cycles of up and down; we can stay of top of any situation from your suggestions. Two points stand out from this article are core belief and action. Any manifestation of physical world must come from the core belief. We can’t expect change if there is no change in action.

    It is a good point: don’t concentrate on the problem. It will lead to worry.

    Like the article.
    Have a nice weekend

    • Lea

      Hi Stella,
      Thanks. Yup, you completely get it! And you often have to change the core in order to see it on the outside. Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

  • Great stuff Lea. The points about gratitude and ‘Woosahng’ it out I found especially impactful. I think having the courage to set goals and pursue them is one of the most challenging things for people to do. Often it can easier to settle for the status quo rather than confront the difficulties involved in going after goals we’re passionate about.

    • Lea

      Thanks Micah. I can certainly see what you mean. Pursuing your goals isn’t exactly easy. It requires of level of consistency, discipline and sometimes even change that people may not be ready for. Thanks for sharing.

  • Wow Lea,

    This is fantastic. Life does have its ups and downs. If we focus on the negative we can never break that glass ceiling.

    The tips you have given are all amazing. I think the best one is to be grateful. When we start being grateful, our mindset changes. We are grateful all during the day for the smallest things around us. When this happens, it takes the focus away from things “we don’t have” feeling sorry for ourselves. It makes us feel abundant.

    With that energy, we can conquer just about anything we set out to do.


    • Lea

      :-), Thanks Donna lol,

      You’re exactly right. I think being grateful is a good way to set the tone for the day early on. And it always allows good things to flow to you.

      Spot on! Good vibes lol

  • Hey Lea,

    Life is a kind of complicated and we all faces the problems. But when we start worrying then it won’t be a friendly space for us.

    We should try to be calm and thankful for what we have. Breaking that glass ceiling is important to embrace our life.
    Thanks for this article.

    • Lea

      Hey Ravi,

      No, its not friendly at all. It becomes bothersome and puts your focus on the wrong thing completely.

      Expressing gratitude is always a great alternative and it’s better for your mental space. Breaking the glass ceiling helps you to live your life!

      Thanks for stopping by friend.