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Setting Goals That Get Results

setting goalsHow many of your desires have gone on unfulfilled?

I know, too many. I’ve been there myself.

Right after graduating college I moved into my own place. It wasn’t like a dream apartment that I could see myself staying in for years and years until I was ready to buy a house, but it was perfect for what I needed at the time.

A little place that didn’t require too much cleaning and stuff, yet big enough for me to spread out and enjoy. I was happy with it. It really fit my post college years, while I was getting the hang of complete independence.

But I knew in the coming years I would grow out of it. From the time I moved in I knew it was great for the moment but in a number of years it just wouldn’t work anymore.

So while I allowed myself to enjoy it for the moment, I couldn’t see myself living there for 4-5 years. I knew I would have to leave by then.

And that was fine. When you’re just starting out a half a decade can seem like light years away. It seemed like more than enough time to make the transition. Besides, it probably was.

The only problem was I didn’t have a plan to get out. I basically just said to myself, I know that by the time I’m in my late twenties I will outgrow this place so I should move on to something else before then. That’s it.

I didn’t figure out what I could do to set things up properly so that when the fourth and a half anniversary in the apartment rolled around I’d be poised to make the move. Nope, I just said it, like that was all I needed to do. Like, it was just going to happen itself.

As you can probably guess, after 5 years I was still there, without a single box packed. I couldn’t move, in fact I renewed my lease. I wasn’t going anywhere, in every sense of the word.

I wasn’t focused so I got distracted. I left everything too vague and ended up getting nowhere in general.

If you continue this type of pattern with different things throughout your life, at some point you’ll have a mid-life crisis realizing that you did nothing, you’re unhappy, then depression will set in.

Why go through this and waste your time when there’s a simple way to avoid it.

Going With the Flow

Distractions come up in everyday life all the time. But you never really know how they’ll impact you until you look back and realize what you didn’t do or complete as a result of it.

When you’re about to start your goals then something more pressing comes up, I’m not saying you should completely ignore it, but you do have to remember to put yourself back on track.

Going with the flow of things is simple but it doesn’t get you where you want to be. It takes you wherever the flow is going. And I doubt you want to up the creek without a paddle.

Everything is Murky

When you’re focused nothing gets in your way. You have a clear vision of what you want and what you’re going to do about getting it.

Distractions are either nonexistent or small. Nothing knocks you off course for long.

The problem is you’re not focused, at least not on your own dreams.

You know generally what you want but if someone asked you to describe it you’d quickly run out of words. Since you don’t have a clear vision of what you want, you definitely don’t know how to get it.

That’s why it’s so easy to fall into the flow of other things because you don’t have your own rhythm. That’s exactly why you’re easily distracted because you can’t focus. You haven’t given yourself anything to focus on.

You Need Distinction

Being focused and clear is the best way to get what you want and live the life you imagined. How else are you going to know what that is anyway? The only way to know is to be specific.

1. Believe in Yourself

Who’s better than you, no one, right? That should be your answer.

When it comes to your goals no one is going to be better at achieving them than you. And more importantly, no one is going to do them for you.

You need to be in the right mental space to take on the task. So make sure you’re always talking yourself up. Let go of the negativity. Believe in yourself, you got this.

Whatever comes up you can handle it, you’ve been through worse. You found a way through it before and you can surely do it again.

2. Small and focused

You are going to have some goals that are larger than life, seeming completely out of your league but they’re not. When you look at the big picture of anything it’s going to seem overwhelming.

The fact of the matter is it took many little steps to get there but it was done. You can take the same little steps and get to the same level of greatness.

Breakdown your dreams into sub-goals then break those into smaller steps. Having a more specific action plan is a roadmap for your success. You’re not standing around wondering what to do next, it’s right there for you.

It will be easier to tackle and you’ll be able to clearly see your progress.

3. Start Early

As soon as you outlined your focused goals, start working on them. What are you waiting for? Don’t waste any more time. Get the ball rolling quickly so you can get closer to completion.

Most productive times of the day for people are the morning and early afternoon, soon after you get up. If you work during those hours do it within an hour of getting home. If you wait until it’s too late you’ll become lethargic and procrastinate.

4. Stay committed

Stay on task. Don’t allow yourself to let this fall into the background, tell the distractions to have a back seat. Your goals should always be at the forefront of your mind and to-do list.

Make working on your goals a habit or your new pastime. Don’t just working on your action plan when you have a few minutes. If it helps, set aside of block of time to focus only on that. The more you do it the more natural it will become to you.

Get comfortable with it because you need to do it. Think about your desired outcome, what you’re going to get from doing it, to stay connected.

Don’t forget to talk yourself up before taking on the task. It makes the task seem less like a chore. It can even get you eager to do it as you come up with different ideas while just mentally motivating yourself.

It’s All for You

It takes work and may not be a walk in the park but you definitely need it. It’s much better to feel the burn now and revel in the results later versus scrambling and crying about it once you realize what you didn’t do.

You’ll appreciate it greatly when you’re sitting back enjoying the life you created while everyone else is wondering how you did it and where they went wrong.


What About You?

Did you ever have a goal that you kind of thought would just manifest itself (you wanted it but did nothing to make it happen)? Or you wanted but didn’t have a plan for completion?




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  • I’m a firm believer of talking yourself up. Like you said, you need to be in the right mental space. Honestly, believing in yourself is half the battle. If you believe hard enough that you can do something, you’re more likely to go and try. If you don’t have that belief, you’ve already lost. For me, whenever I set a goal, I tell myself that it “will happen” not “I want it to happen”. When I put it in those terms, I get myself mentally prepared to make it a reality.

    • Lea

      Exactly. If you think you cannot do it, you won’t even try. You just stopped yourself before you even began.

      Those are good tips Steve. Thanks for sharing. Everyone should give themselves a good pep talk like that, especially when you’re trying something out of your comfort zone.