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Simple Living 101: 10 Ways to Make Life Easier

It’s so very easy these days to become overwhelmed by a life that is overly complicated.

Do you wish you could gain back control over your life or whatever situation you’re facing right now? The answer may be as simple as simplifying your life.

But what does it mean to simplify your life? It means getting rid of those items in your to-do list that are unnecessary. It means eliminating clutter in your home. It means fine-tuning your life priorities. And it means gaining perspective on the things that truly are important to you.


Here are 10 tips you can apply today so you can make life easier for you:

1. What things are most important to you? – Identify those things and then do away with the others. It’s crucial that you know exactly those things that matter the most to you.

You also need to get rid of the unimportant things because they’re time-wasters – they only waste your time and your energy.

2. List 5 of your top priorities in life. – Make sure this list is with you at all times or that you post it where you’re bound to see it several times a day.

Post it on you vanity mirror and your bathroom mirror. Keep a copy in your purse or wallet.

I’ve personal kept a copy by my closet doors so I see it every time I get dressed. Most recently I have it by the door of my bedroom, on the wall closest to the exit because I always manage to see that wall as I walk out.

This list is your constant reminder of the things that count the most.

3. Assess your present commitments. – What’s going on in your life at this moment? Which of them are giving you joy or are providing value to your life? Which of these commitments compliment the priorities you listen previously? Keep these. Get rid of all the other commitments.

4. Evaluate your use of your time. – How exactly do you use your time? Compile a list with everything you usually do in a day and then compare that list to the list of priorities you created. Which ones can you get rid of?

5. Make your daily work simpler. – Do you have the tendency to try to do everything yourself? It’s time that you simply focus on the most important tasks and get rid of all the others.

Are these tasks that you can outsource or delegate? If there are, do so. Perhaps you can get someone else to cut your lawn. Are there tasks that can be done in just a few days or even once a week? Are there tasks that you can drop altogether from your things to-do?

6. Make your work tasks simpler. – Do the same thing as you did in the previous tip with the tasks you need to do at home.

Get rid of the things you know you can’t reasonably complete in a day. You can simplify your home tasks by delegating, automating or outsourcing.

7. You don’t always have to say yes to everything. – You need to learn to say no. Once you do, you won’t be likely to take on things you can’t handle or get done in a reasonable amount of time.

This will also give you the chance to focus your attention on those tasks that matter most to you.

8. Go on a media fast. – We’re so bombarded today by all kinds of media – radio, television, newspaper, even the internet – it can all be overwhelming at times.

Make life easier by limiting your media consumption, or better yet, try going on a media fast every so often.

9. Choose your communication methods carefully. – You can make life easier if you designate specific times during your day when you’ll deal with your email and online messages.

You can also try to set certain hours when you’ll use the phone. This way you won’t be so overwhelmed by communication.

10. Practice purging. – One weekend each month, resolve to get rid of anything and everything that you don’t need in your life.

Many people find it therapeutic to get rid of those things that don’t matter or aren’t important in their life. Your overall well-being and health well greatly benefit from this regular purging.


These are just a few ways you can make life easier for you. Apply these tips if you want to get started on simplifying your life today. It really doesn’t take a lot of effort to achieve simplicity in your life. You only need to keep trying and keep practicing.


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