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Be Fearless! Simple Things You Can Do to Demonstrate Courage

Most people don't see themselves as courageous. Do you? Like most people, you probably have a hard time imagining how you would display courage in your work life, social life, or even in your relationship with your spouse.

Know, though, that courage is crucial in all kinds of situations and relationships.

Each one of us has that natural fearlessness inside us that needs to be discovered. Once you discover your innate courage, you'll have a lot more self-confidence and you'll certainly be on your way to living life to the fullest.


So how do you bring out the fearless, courageous you? Try doing these simple things:

Make eye contact with people – Are you naturally shy or do you feel uncomfortable when you're around people, especially those you don't know or have only met for the first time? If you are, it takes a lot of courage to look them in the eye when you talk to them.

However, each time you make eye contact with people, you're building up your courage and giving your self-confidence a big boost, so you'll do even better next time.

Growing up I was incredibly shy. When I reminisced about encounters with others I couldn’t recall much of their face but a lot of the floor and other surroundings. Some people misinterpreted my shyness for arrogance. Maintaining eye contact not only boosts confidence, it shows the other person that you’re listening, interested and prevents misconceptions.


Learn to speak up and assert yourself – At work, don't be afraid to step up and claim projects you know you can do great at.

If you display assertiveness in the workplace, you're a lot more likely to be given projects that you enjoy doing. So if you are interested in a specific project at work and you know you can do the job better than anyone else, don't be afraid to let your boss know that you want to do it.

You may also get a rush from stepping up and taking that opportunity to shine.


Learn to disagree in an appropriate manner – In your marriage or relationship, you need to show your spouse that you can stand up for yourself. It shows strength and courage.

There may have been occasions when you didn't like what your spouse was doing but you didn't say anything and kept your thoughts and feelings to yourself. However, if it's something that your spouse keeps doing, you need to step forward and let your spouse know how you feel whenever he or she does whatever it is that upsets you.

If you communicate openly in a respectful manner with your spouse with the goal or resolving an issue, you're helping to build a stronger relationship.


Give yourself a makeover – Looking better or even different may help facilitate the change. Have you always kept your hair long? Trying a different, shorter hairstyle is one way to bring out the fearless you.

If you've always stuck with the same style of outfit at work, try wearing something different. It is scary to change your image or style, no matter how minor the change is. However, you might find that a little change can do you a lot of good. It can also influence change in other aspects of your life.


Be firm with your beliefs and stand them – It takes a lot of courage to stand up for what you believe in. Others will respect you if they see you standing up for yourself. In many cases, it can even improve an otherwise terrible situation.

Maybe you were the only parent at the PTA meeting who thought something wasn't really that great of an idea. Or maybe you decided to join your neighborhood's anti-vandalism group. Whatever it is, it takes a lot of courage to stand up for the things you believe in.


Consider this: in today's world, surviving in it takes a certain amount of courage. You bring out the fearless you when you participate in social events, speak up at work, voice out your opinions with your spouse, give yourself a makeover, and stand up for your beliefs.

Don't discount the simple acts of courage you display each day. They all add up to make you who you are and prepare you for the next adventure.





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