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Sleep Better: Simple Steps to Better Rest

Even if you don't necessarily suffer from insomnia, perhaps you still feel as if you're not sleeping as well as you could be. The truth is that sleep is directly linked to many areas of our overall health: our weight, memory, stress, moods and even disease.


If you're wondering how to sleep better, here are five tips that'll help you do just that:


Determine what works for you – Do you ever wonder why you're always feeling tired even though you get just as many hours sleep as someone else? Although it could be related to the quality of your sleep, it also comes down to the fact that different people need different amounts of sleep. For some that may mean nine hours a night, for others just five is enough. Find out what works for you and stick to that at all costs.


Set up a schedule – Once you know how many hours work best for you, start a new schedule and stick to it. Try to go to bed at roughly the same time each day, and wake up at the same time each morning. There will almost certainly be times when you break the schedule, and that's fine. But the more you stick to a sleeping schedule, the less occasional breaks in that schedule will affect you.


Don’t drink before bed – Even if you sleep for a long time, a broken sleep means you'll feel less alert in the morning. Try to avoid this by emptying your bladder right before you go to bed, and avoiding drinks a few hours before bed time. If you like to drink caffeinated drinks then try to avoid these in the six hours before you usually go to bed, as they will leave you feeling more alert.


Watch what you eat – Eating a heavy meal too close to bedtime can interfere with the quality of your sleep. In particular, try to avoid protein and stick to small snacks full of carbohydrates instead. Try to plan main meals so you eat them a few hours before bed.


Allow yourself to relax – There's a reason why many of us feel so restless during the night, and that's the fact that we don't let ourselves wind down. Try to give yourself an hour before bedtime to just relax. This means finishing your chores earlier or doing them the following day, and relaxing by bathing, reading, or anything else that helps you to unwind. When you do go to bed, don't go there to read or watch TV: try to keep the bedroom for sleep and intimacy only.


Knowing how to sleep better is actually fairly simple when you look at the points above. The main problem most of us have is that we're always busy and on the go. Allow yourself to get into a routine and you'll probably end up more productive during waking hours!



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