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Spending Quality Time with the Family by Scheduling a Family Night

Unless you put in the effort, you'll find it near to impossible to have some quality time with your spouse and children.

You can fix this problem by having a family night every week. Family night can help you and your family bond even closer to each other.

One night a week, you and your spouse gather everyone and spend time together. Each family member should block this night from their social calendar and devote the time to being together.

Experts suggest that you pick a specific night each week to spend family night. Thursday nights, for instance, can be your family night. As the parents, you and your spouse should make it clear that everyone has to be there on family night.

As a parent, you need to make sure the family interaction on family night remains positive and if you have small kids, it should be fun for them.

When you and your family spend time together on a regular basis, you have a better chance of bonding and re-connecting. If your children are still young, family nights will instill in them the value of family.

So what exactly do you do on family nights? Whatever you and the rest of the family would like to do together!


Here are a few things you can try to do on family night and get some serious quality time in with the family:

1. Prepare the family dinner together – Have your son make the salad and your daughter get the table set up. You can take care of the side dishes while your spouse cooks the main dish.


2. Enjoy a movie together – After dinner, put on a family movie and share popcorn or dessert.

Have your kids take their turn choosing the movie to watch every week or choose a movie that could provide some interesting discussion with the children after. You can also choose to go to the theater on family night.


3. Have family dinner out – Each week, have a family member choose where the whole family will have dinner.

You can even make it educational and fun for your kids by trying a different kind of restaurant or cuisine each week.


4. Do a fun activity as a family – Go for a walk or bike ride around the neighborhood. If you have a pretty spacious yard, play some hoops or any other physical activity.

It's a good idea to incorporate healthy physical activities to family nights. This way your children get regular exercise and the whole family work on being healthy together.


5. Tackle a family project – Make family night a quality time with the family by getting a project done around the house as a family.

Get the whole family involved in painting the driveway, trimming the plants in the front yard, or giving the car a good washing.

This type of family night activity will help your children learn the value of teamwork, perseverance, and hard work.

However, it's best if you limit this to once every month. You don't want the kids to end up thinking of family night as a work night.


6. Do a variety of activities on family night – Each week, get your family to do different things. You can try making a short list of possible things to do on family night and have the children pick the weekly activities.


If you want your family to be a functional and happy one, don't neglect the importance of having regular family nights. You and your family need to spend quality time together and these ideas should help you get started.


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  • Love the ideas Lea. Family time is so important and it seems that we devote even less time these days to doing things together. Your ideas for family togetherness is great. I love going to the movies as a family, going to outside events like carnival’s and festival’s and also nature walks.

    take care.

    • Lea

      Many people may find it hard to balance it all but if they recall the joy that’s had I’m sure they’ll find a way. I really enjoy doing different things with my family as well. In fact this weekend we’re going to a festival and I can’t wait! Thanks for stopping by Justin.