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Stay Focused on Your Goals

Affirmations to help you maintain focus on your goals.


I used to wonder how I would keep moving toward all the things I wanted to achieve. I now recognize the importance of having life goals. When I have plans and work toward achieving them I feel more connected.

In order to continue working toward my life goals, I have to stay focused on them. With each day, I try to think of ways to keep my ambitions on my mind.

I visualize what my life will be like when my intentions are met. Thinking about the pleasure of accomplishment helps me concentrate on my goals.

At times, I allow myself to wonder about what might happen if I were to complete one of my goals the next day.

I reflect on my goals nightly and go to sleep thinking about them.

Each morning, I think about my plans for the day and contemplate what steps I can take to ward meeting my goals. I’m encouraged by my efforts to keep my intentions at the forefront of my mind.

The more focused I am, the more likely I am to move closer to my goals.

I choose to focus on my life goals. I intend to list my desires, divide each one into mini-goals and continue taking steps toward these plans every single day.


Also, complete this exercise to brainstorm ways to ignite and maintain focus, Goal Focus.



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  • Spending time with my two dogs always gives me a mood lift. They’re so reeafrce (and why shouldn’t they be?). They are completely accepting and just happy to be . We can learn a lot from dogs (except maybe that sniffing the butt thing).

    • Lea

      I know exactly what you mean. I often carve out a little time each night to spend with my dogs, even it its just petting them.

  • Hello Lea,

    Having focused intentions for your goals will definitely help you to achieve them. Sometimes, we have to achieve mini goals to get to that big goal.

    • Lila I just listened to this ireenvitw and find this to be so true. Self talk can be so negative it is really important to give positive self talk. I have lost weight this summer and really love this site and all of these tips.