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4 Surprising Ways to Connect with Your Kids

connect with your kids

In this day and age, raising kids is harder than ever before. You need to have the right kind of relationship with them in order to for them to even listen to you.

Things are very different than they used to be. Now as a parent you have to balance your career and home life, handling all the details of your schedule and your children's schedule as well.

Keeping up with soccer practices, remembering to pick up the dry cleaning before running home to cook dinner and doing it all strategically so you’re not driving around town for hours is enough to make your head spin.

Now add in the ever growing list of technological devices and apps that rob you of your time and children's attention.

It would seem as though the developers have more influence over your kids than you do.

But even with the mounting obstacles and the never ending to-do list you still have to create opportunities to bond with your kids.

You should know who your children are becoming and they should know you as a person as well.

The connection you have with your kids should be unbreakable. Not only is it good for the relationship between the two of you but it also helps in your ability to parent.

When people connect with you they are able to be more open with you. They respect you, communicate with you and seek your advice, all of which you would want your child to do.

If your kids feel like they can't talk to you, you'll be left in the dark as their life progresses. You could miss out on vital times when your guidance is necessary.

If your children have no respect for you this can lead to all sorts of bigger problems, to include harmful behavior.

Either way you can quickly lose the reins as the parent and learn that your child has turned into someone you didn't mean for them to be by a neighbor or even calls from school.

Having a family can get complicated, but there are surprisingly simple ways to bond with your kids while keeping them on track.

1. Don’t be nosy, be interested

As your kids get older they will develop all sorts of different interests, some may be temporary, other long lasting. Regardless of the level of their interest, take notice.

Ask them questions about it. Discover what is drawing them to it and you'll find out more about them.

You may even find a common theme within their interests, which can help in other ways, it’ll be your in.

Passions typically develop during childhood. Regardless of what they are it is important for you to show your support.

Even if it is some new aged thing you don't quite understand, the fact that you're trying and expressing your unconditional love will speak volumes to them.

This will show that you care more about them and not just about them making their bed.

2. Use your in

As you continue to get to know your children on a deeper level, you'll be able to determine what would spark their interest. Use that to introduce them to other things that fall into line with an existing interest.

For example, if your son likes cars perhaps he would be excited to go to a local car show or racing event.

Introducing your kids into new activities could also connect you if the common thread relates to your interests.

Using the previous example of your son liking cars, let’s says you enjoy going to the annual car show to look at the upcoming models, in preparation of a purchase or just for fun.

Taking him would be an excellent way for the two of you can bond while discovering similar interests.

Even if you can't figure out how to connect the dots, invite your children to partake in your interests anyway. Find a kid friendly way to get them involved and having fun. Who knows you just might open their eyes to a new interest of their very own.

Understand that no matter how hard you try and how exciting you make it, they just might not take.

It's fine, you gave it a shot and in the end they'll appreciate your efforts. The actual activity is not the focus. Instead the time you spent together is the true value.


My uncle and I had the most common interests. Since he demonstrated so much interest in me, in my teenage years I began to become curious of his hobbies.

Even though they all didn't take with me, I still enjoy the time we spent while I learned about him.

Your complete attention and availability to them are the most important elements in developing a close relationship with your kids.

3. Help when they don’t need it

Show your children that you are there to help them whenever they need it. A good way to do this is by helping them with their homework.

Even if they don't need extensive help, just being around if they have a question demonstrates that they can rely on you.

My father used to always help me with my homework after school. Whenever I had a problem I would go to him without hesitation and he would try is best to help. So it's no surprise that I ended up being a daddy's girl.

When you begin to do this on a regular basis the scope of the conversation will begin to expand. You'll find that it goes beyond just mathematical problems and the day's events.

You'll start to get insight on what is going on in your kids' world and what is important to them.

4. Don’t get cliquey

If you have a single child home, easy peasy, you have nothing to worry about. But if you have more children make sure you share your time with each one evenly.

It would even be great to find things you can all do as a family, at times.

Just make sure not to leave anyone out and balance your time. It would be completely counterproductive to have one child feeling like they are the black sheep or that you care more about their siblings than them.

Establishing a connection with your kids that can stand the test of time is simple when they're younger, so get started now.

When you have a tight bond with your children, they'll find it easier to communicate with you while creating incredible memories.

With open lines of communication, you'll have immeasurable faith in the child that you raised and know exactly when it's time to step in and provide the much needed guidance to keep them on track.

While other parents will feel the need to stalk their kids on Instagram and Facebook to know what's going on, you'll get it straight from the horse’s mouth.

This makes life a little easier and your relationship with your kids that much more enjoyable.


How connected are you with your kids?


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  • Having battled my way through my own kids – when these tips would have been very helpful – I’ll try to apply them to my grandchildren.

    All I will say is that competing against the high-tech entertainment on offer is very difficult. And in fairness, some of the UK children’s TV is very good.

    • Lea

      It sure is Joy. Technology keeps evolving, and faster than the average user let alone parent can keep up. Seems like parents will always be competing with electronics.

  • I don’t have children myself but I’m a Godmother to three and have always admired their parents for their ability to balance all of the activities and needs of growing children. Your advice makes a lot of sense and I especially like your point about helping even if they don’t ask for it. Happy to share!

    • Lea

      It’s a struggle and it does take effort, but it is possible. Thanks for sharing.