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  • Make your dreams and goals realistic and achievable
  • Eliminates common obstacles that keep you trapped
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Got Big Dreams? Here Are 6 Little Known Secrets to Achieve Them

Aren’t you sick of this crap? It’s the same old nothing. You’re sick of doing it but it’s the only thing you can do. To make yourself feel better, every now and then you’ll dream about how you would like things to be. You get to enjoy a couple euphoric

Forget Dieting! 4 Healthy Changes for a Huge Impact

Every time a new diet hits the scene big promises are made. They claim to help you lose wait in record time while feeling great and being healthy. When I was younger my mother would try all these different diets to lose a few extra pounds. I remember when she

The Real Reason You’re About to Lose It

My friend always seems like she's about to lost it at any moment. Even when she looks remotely calm, you could look in her face and tell she was thinking about the type of things that raise your blood pressure. She continuously drives herself nuts. She can't let anything go.

Get Unstuck: 8 Things You Need to Do Each Day for Your Future

Every day seems to have its own problems doesn’t it? If it’s not one thing, it’s another. If it’s not big, it’s colossal. Like you can’t even catch a break. The problems of each day may be different but one basic thing remains the same. There are problems every, damn,

5 Easy Ways to Make Yourself Feel Better When It Seems Impossible

Being in a bad mood is the worst. Literally… One thing, that is a really big deal, pisses you off and screws up your whole day. You can’t stop thinking about it because it was so colossal that now you’re seeing how it trickled on to other things. Just having

Make Life Easier with These 10 Simple Tweaks

I know it sounds kind of crazy. There’s no way life can be easier. Your routine is about as good as it gets. Whenever you realize that there are a few things you have to do you write them down on a scrap piece of paper for later or better

Are You Feeding Yourself This Bologna???

You’re a big, fat liar and you know it. And you’ve been lying….forever. Remember when you were in middle school and the teacher announced to the class that everyone would have to give an oral presentation. Your first thought was about how you were going to get yourself out of

What You Need to Do to Get Unstuck and be Successful

I know you’re sick of it. You’ve been in the same place forever. You know it’s time to move on but you can’t seem to figure out how to really get things going. Nothing seems to work.          You feel defeated every day. You’re at the point where you’re questioning your

6 Remarkable Strategies To Put Your Past Behind You

You know that horrible feeling. It happens right after you get smacked in the face with disappointment of colossal proportions. It leaves you standing there dazed and confused, trying to make sense of what just happened to you. You review the situation over and over in your mind. You finally

What You Don’t Realize When You’re Comparing Yourself to Others

A picture is worth a thousand words, so when you look at one you may think that you’ve got every possible story. But you could be way off the mark. When you scroll through Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat you get a glimpse in the lives of others through an array