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The Real Reason You Always Feel Defeated and How to Get Over It

There you are. Sprawled out on the floor, looking limp and disconnected. Just awkwardly lying there as if you cannot move. Even if you could it wouldn’t matter because you’re not trying to. That may not be your literal physical state right now. But it’s the perfect picture to describe

5 Excuses That Are Keeping You from Being Successful

Deep down you have this little thing inside of you telling you to go for it. Telling you that you can do it. Making you feel like you can move forward. But for some reason whenever you do take a step you don’t get very far. It’s almost like experiencing

Are You Feeding Yourself This Bologna???

You’re a big, fat liar and you know it. And you’ve been lying….forever. Remember when you were in middle school and the teacher announced to the class that everyone would have to give an oral presentation. Your first thought was about how you were going to get yourself out of

What You Don’t Realize When You’re Comparing Yourself to Others

A picture is worth a thousand words, so when you look at one you may think that you’ve got every possible story. But you could be way off the mark. When you scroll through Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat you get a glimpse in the lives of others through an array

Screw Thanksgiving: Why You Should Give Thanks Every Day

With Thanksgiving right around the corner there is going to be a huge surge in the expression of gratitude. With the holidays upon us it’s the time of the year when most people start to reflect on the past year and on life in general. It’s basically the time when