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Uncover Your Passion & Renew Your Focus

Some people have the incredible ability to focus intensely on their goals. Regardless of the impact or size of the task, they can just center their concentration to move forward. They are able to do this because they know that focus aids in achievement.

You may think that it’s not an easy task for yourself and that it must come natural to them, but it’s not what it seems.


How Much Do You Want It

When you want something badly and there is passion behind it you’ll find it easier to stay focused on it. You have to want it. Trying to concentrate on something that doesn’t hold your interest will prove to be a trying chore.

When you care enough you put everything into it. Just think about the things you have excelled at, you’ll notice that there was passion involved. Being able to focus doesn’t have much to do about developing a craft, it’s more about igniting passion.

People to who typically have a hard time with life are experiencing such because they haven’t discovered their passion. They don’t have a desire driving them forward, nothing they care for. If this resonates with you then you’re probably not in a happy place.

When you uncover something inside that really moves you, something that you can be passionate about, you’ll find purpose and happiness.

Think about the things that touch you, things that can capture your attention and hold it forever. Do commercials about world illness and diseases tug at your heart strings? Do you enjoy performing and entertaining others, could you do it for hours without tire? What if you spent most of your time doing things related to that? Imagine how much focus you would have if it was something that meant something to you.

When you care you are automatically able to do more. Caring is the perfect balance; you have a real desire to move forward, however there are no signs of hesitation. When you really care, you find it difficult not to do something.


Uncover Your Passion

So now that your know what you need to gain focus, let’s get back to finding the thing that you care about the most.

This process will help you find your passion, focus and greater happiness:

1. Make a list of the things that you’re truly passionate about – These aren’t necessarily the fun little things you like to do when you have some free time, though they could be. These are the things that you consider to be the most important, the worldwide challenges you would fix if you were given the chance.

These should be things that fascinate you so much that you’d gladly spend your life studying them.

2. Organize your list – Put the items on your list in order by the amount of emotion you feel when you imagine yourself being part of each one.

If there is nothing on your life yet that makes you cry or stirs up intense feelings, keep writing. Don’t stop until you’ve found the one that moves something deep within you. You’ll know your passion when you see it.


Using Your List to Your Advantage

Now that you have your list, ask yourself how much discipline would be required to take part in those things. Would you have to force yourself to focus on them? Or does the mere fact that you care about them so much simply result in great concentration?

Although each item will certainly involve time when you have to enlist some self-discipline, the big ones won’t take much.

If you feel it’s a challenge to focus on your career, relationships or any other aspect of your life, that’s a great sign that something needs to change.

Go to your list for ideas and options. Try a new career that fills you with a sense of caring and you’ll never have to “work” another day in your life.


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