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Want to Turn Your Life Around? Stop Thinking Negative Thoughts!

Are you interested in a super simple way to turn your life around? If you're tired of just getting by, you can have a truly exceptional life!

And this you can achieve when you focus on the positive solutions instead of on the impossibility of overcoming life's challenges.

One method you can use is called the 10-day negative thought fast, which was developed by self-help author and speaker Emmett Fox. This method is sure to help you stop thinking negative thoughts and turn your life around.


The rules:

1. If you break one rule in the 10-day negative thought fast, you'll have to start again from the beginning – So if you break a rule when you're on day 4, the next day is day 1 all over again.

You must stick to the rules for 10 consecutive days. Look at it this way: stopping the negative thoughts is very much akin to giving up a drug you're addicted to. You aren't completely free of the negative thoughts until you completely stop thinking of them.


2. You're not allowed to focus on a negative thought or be in a negative state of emotion for over 5 minutes – You want to aim for a shorter time. However, 5 minutes should be long enough for you to actually realize what you're doing and stop it.

Again, if you find yourself thinking negatively or feeling bad for more than 5 minutes, you're going to have to start over.


3. You need to concentrate on the solutions – As soon as you start thinking negative thoughts, get yourself in gear and think of possible solutions.

Focus your energy on solving the problem that is causing you the negative emotion. Don't dwell on what's wrong; focus instead on how you can solve the problem.


Sounds easy, doesn't it? However, once you get started on this fast, you'll be shocked at how hard it is to actually give up those negative thoughts.

We have a tendency to think that worrying helps our situation, but constantly worrying about things don't really accomplish anything or improve things.

If you're having a negative thought or emotion, ask yourself how you can resolve or improve the situation that's causing the negativity. You want to immediately redirect your thought to finding solutions and this gets your mind into a more positive, problem-solving gear.

In the next 10 days, you'll be developing the habit of straight away recognizing a negative state of mind and then switching just as quickly on finding solutions.

If you continue this process for 10 consecutive days, it will become a permanent habit and pretty soon it will become your automatic response to negative situations.

It might take you several attempts to complete this fast for 10 consecutive days. Don't beat yourself up if you slip and have to go back to day 1.

This is quite common when you're trying to do something that your mind is not accustomed to doing.


You can stop thinking negative thoughts or arrest them in their tracks before they overwhelm you by having positive questions ready:

– What 3 great things happened to me today?

– What do I like most about [specify anything here]?

– What have I accomplished today that I can be proud of?

– What can I look forward to when I get home from work today?


The negative stuff won't have any space in your mind if your mind is filled with positive thoughts. So give this 10-day negative fast a try and see how it will turn your life around.

Once you complete this 10-day negative thought fast, you won't ever want to dwell on the negatives in your life.


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