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Why Most People Never Truly Live Their Life

Security is considered one of the basic needs of humans. For most us, security is important. When we have security, it makes us feel good.

risk takingHowever, have you considered that wanting or needing security may be keeping you from experiencing a full life?

Sometimes you have to try risk taking to get want you want. If you always play it safe you may continue to come up short on your desires.

I like feeling secure as well, but I learned the boring, and ultimately costly way that there will be times when you have to just put yourself out there.

Take a risk! When you’re secure in other aspects you won’t feel so reluctant to go out on a limb.

There are many successful self-made people. If we look at their lives, we'll see that a lot of them endured what most of us would consider being a life full of insecurity.

For instance, there are studies that show that the average self-made millionaire actually went broke at least 3 times before they hit it big.

The majority of us want to be financially secure. However, would you be willing to go broke at least three times in order to achieve financial security?

As for these successful individuals, do they have less need to feel secure? It may be that they view security from a completely different perspective.


What's their secret then?

Most of the time, successful people feel secure. What are they secure about? They're secure about themselves and what they can do. No matter what's happening in the world, these people are secure in the knowledge that they can do anything.

To them, the lack of money is simply a nuisance, an obstacle. They don't get all bent out of shape about that.


Weighing the Risks and Rewards

If you had $250,000 in the bank, wouldn't you feel secure?

If you've got your house all paid off, you've got a stable job that pays well, and you've got health insurance, there's no reason you shouldn't feel secure. So what's the problem?

All these things do take time to achieve — we're not immortals.

So, in order to achieve things that would give us that security we want, the quickest way is to take steps that in the short-term would give us a feeling of insecurity.

If you want a secure life, you have to take some necessary risks along the way. Like many things in life, achieving security is all about weight the risks and rewards.

It's risky to start your own business. There's a good chance that you'll go bankrupt. Worst case is you may have to find friends who are willing to let you sleep on their couch while you get yourself back up in the game again.

It's not the end of the world. Who doesn't know Sylvester Stallone? Did you know that when he was trying to sell the script for Rocky, he was flat out broke with a pregnant wife?

He got an offer for $200,000 for the script but he turned it down. Why? The film company had someone else in mind to play Rocky. He accepted a lesser offer for the script because it meant he could star in it.

To him, it was a risk worth taking. Today, his net worth is at least $275 million.

Would you have done the same as Stallone if you were in his shoes? If you were secure with yourself and your ability, then you probably would have!

I bet turning down your first offer would have been like saying no thanks to security. Your initial thought was probably, he was crazy. But look where it got him.

He practiced incredible risk taking, but he knew a better overall offer would come.


The Difference between Inner Security and External Security

To truly be successful, security needs to come from the inside instead of the outside. To start, decide that you're going to change the way you perceive things.

Next, it's important that you believe in yourself, that you can deal with any obstacles that life hurls at you. It's that simple! You shouldn't allow your need to feel secure keep you from doing things that will help you achieve your dreams.

If you choose to wait until you feel secure before going after your dreams, you may not get there at all. Think about it, you could be waiting forever.

So be honest with yourself — do you really need external things for you to finally feel secure? Answer this question honestly and after you do, don't wait for your life to be over before you realize you should have done something earlier to achieve your dreams.

Instead of waiting for the right moment, create it!


What are you dying to do but haven’t because of the risk involved?




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  • Lori Gosselin

    Hi Lea,
    What a great post! I love how Stallone turned down the money he probably need badly because he so believed in himself! (I didn’t know this story!) It must have taken a depth of belief in himself and his abilities. Wow!

    That is s tricky thing – risking our security because I believe we are wired to seek it and hold onto it. I remember the story of the fellow who believed he had a check for a million dollars (I believe) from Rockefeller and went around a year with the unwashed check in his pocket, taking risks because he knew he was already secure. After a year he was successful and when I tried to return the check he learned it was not Rockefeller at all who had written the check and that it was a worthless piece of paper! If we could believe in our dreams that much…

    I’m also reminded of the story of Jim Carey who wrote himself a post-dated check for ten million dollars and visualized a life of the success he craved every day, fully intending to cash that check when the date arrived. He was able to do so, too, having landed the movie Dumb and Dumber just a few days before the date on the check.

    The question then arises, doesn’t it, did they achieve their success because they already felt successful ( the risk, in their minds, was mitigated) or did they need success to feel successful. I’m getting a little off track, I think, but I know now that when things go well it is because I am happy and not that I am happy because things go well. The feeling comes first. So what would happen if we could feel secure even when things in our lives were not validating it? Would we be able to manifest any level of success? I think so. What do you think?

    • Lea

      Exactly Lori! Actions like that take incredible faith and confidence.

      Omg, I didn’t know about the Jim Carey story, that’s wonderful. It’s really great how things like that work out. Wow, just days before…

      I think so as well. I think if you already feel it it’s less of risk, making it easier to take action and make things happen.

      The feeling is definitely necessary, I think. It only makes things easier, otherwise you’re just battling yourself, don’t you think?

      Thanks for stopping by Lori!!!

      • Lori Gosselin

        Well said Lea – otherwise you’re just battling yourself! LOL 🙂