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If You’re Not Doing These Things Your Life May Seem Blah

your blah lifeSometimes you can get so caught up in life's challenges and day to day activities that you somehow forget to live. Even though there are struggles and you have responsibilities doesn't mean life can't be enjoyable.

With demanding work or academics you may find yourself tangled within your to-do list. Upcoming deadlines and due dates can make it seem like there is no time for anything else, maybe not even the work you have to do, but you have to make time to enjoy life.

YOLO isn't just a trendy motto. It should remind you that you only have this span to live, in every sense of the word. So if you're not doing any of these things your life probably feels like… nothing special, just work.

Take it slow

Feel free to move at your own pace. What's the rush? Enjoy your life, enjoy the moment, it only happens once and you can't rewind it later when you have an extra minute.

Give yourself whatever time is necessary, whether you're working or relaxing.

Be in the moment

Being present enhances your consciousness and improves the experience. Being more conscious keeps you connected, allowing you to do a better job and retain information better.

Being all over the place mentally is like not being there at all. In fact is makes you feel more stressed.

Being truly engulfed in the moment fulfills your life and improves your experience.

Spend your time wisely

Identify what you enjoy and what you need to do. Now put that on the top of your priority list. Spending time on your hobbies is just as important as taking care of your responsibilities. Having fun should also be on the list of things that you have to do.

It may seem like it less important but all work and no play is boring. Who wants to live a boring life? No one, people go to lengths to feel fulfilled so schedule in your hobbies. You can even break up the day by doing one or two in between your other tasks.

Include your family

While you're penciling in your hobbies don't forget about your loved ones. Because time is so precious who and what you decide to spend it with speaks to what is important to you. If there is a person or more in your life that fits the bill, show them. Get together and do something you both enjoy.

Be honest socially

Many people like to put on fronts for social media and their not-so-close friends. They'll post pictures on Instagram or update their statuses on Facebook to make their life seem like something it's not.

Putting on a show for society isn't going to make you feel better about your life, in fact you will feel worse as you realize the dramatic difference between what you're posting and what you're living.

Instead of playing make believe, do things that you would enjoy and make you proud. Then when you share it with others, you'll relive the feeling and the truth. After all, life isn't about performing for others.

Enjoy your job

Find something about your job that you enjoy. Uncover the passion to keep you interested and engaged. When you take pleasure in your work, you'll perform better which can lead to recognition and great opportunities.

Make your home your Zen

Being able to come home to a place that relaxes you will make all the difference. Your home should be a place you enjoy going to.

Clean up any messes or clutter. Add or redecorate it to reflect your personality. You don't have to go out and buy all new furniture, just some accents or a new paint color can give it a new feel.

The type of life you lead is completely up to you but whatever you decide it should be enjoyable. If you are not familiar with these tips and they're not showing up in your daily life it might seem quiet blah and boring.

Pick one or two and start today. You'll find that the quality of your life will improve and you discover peace and comfort. Simple changes can have a significant effect on your life. Give these a try to go from blah to bright.





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